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Di (lamanze) | 9 comments This book is about a blind man who is a bestselling author and he is on some island?? I don't know where the woman came from, but she is on the island with him and i guess they share a villa. They obviously fall in love and whatnot. Anyways, when the "vacation" is over they go their separate ways and he ends up seeing again and the only part I remember vividly is him having a book signing and she was there. On second thought I feel like maybe she was blind, but I don't know its all jumbled. another part I remember is when they went to a baseball game, separately of course, and he was wearing a baseball cap. I remember he doesnt seem to recognize her but when he goes to a baseball game he was sitting behind her. I know it's very vague but its all ive got. The genre is romance.

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Di, please add genre and plot details to your header. Use the little edit link. This is mandatory, not optional.

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