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~*Kim*~ | 509 comments Korea, 1943: Hana is living her life as a haenyao, a female diver in Japanese occupied Korea. She is lucky to live this life of freedom, as most Koreans aren't. But soon Hana's world changes when she saves her sister from capture and ends up in Manchuria. She becomes a "comfort woman" in a Japanese occupied brothel.

South Korea, 2011: Emi has spent nearly 60 years trying to forget the sacrifice that Hana made for her to save her life, but she must face the truth in order to make peace.

The story switches back between the stories of each of the sisters. This story is heart wrenching, moving, and captivating. It's one of the few books that has ever made me cry. The horrors that Hana goes through as a result of saving her sister are heart breaking.
Definitely a 5-star read and a favorite.

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Susie | 4488 comments How great to get a five star read so early in the year!

Ellen | 2214 comments I read this last year for our Horizons challenge and I believe it is a book that will stay with me for a long time. A very moving book.

Barbara M (barbara-m) | 2275 comments I read this last year and l loved it too! Memorable

~*Kim*~ | 509 comments Susie wrote: "How great to get a five star read so early in the year!"

My 1st one was a 5-star read, but this one got a heart, too. LOL! It was definitely better than my first read of the year. But the first one was 5 stars in its own way.

NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 5563 comments This was one of the best books I read for the horizons challenge last year. It showed us a little known aspect of the war, and taught about the Korean culture concept Han. They felt shame for the things that were done to them by the Japanese. It makes me sad when victims feel the shame that should belong to the perpetrators.

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