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BattleTech: Operation: Ice Storm (Part Two)
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BrokenMnemonic | 6 comments At the moment, part one and part two of Operation ICE STORM are showing up as different editions of the same book, which is making reviewing and tracking them difficult.

There is no edition published anywhere that turns both parts into a single combined novel. Part one of the story is entitled Operation ICE STORM: The Frost Advances, and part two is entitled Operation ICE STORM: the Winds of Spring. They are tracked and sold as discrete items on Amazon (ASINs B0078VLL1Q and B0091FRKEE refer), and on DriveThruFiction, and even on the Catalyst Game Labs store website, which tracks them with two seperate catalogue numbers (E-CAT35NV02 (part I) and E-CAT35NV04 (part II). The original publication dates are also different; part 1 was first released on 15 Feb 2012, and part 2 on 1 August 2012.

In some cases, Catalyst Game Labs do combine stories told as serials into a single volume for publication as a novel or novella (BattleTech: Hector is one such, having originally been published in 4 parts, that were later replaced with a single combined volume) but the IP holder has continued to maintain these as two distinct, linked stories. As such, I believe they should both be seperate entries here on goodreads, not different editions of the same book. Is it possible to seperate them out?

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Leila (sarcasticromancereader) | 1094 comments These have been separated
and I have added a note to prevent from being combined again in the future.

BrokenMnemonic | 6 comments Thank you!

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