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C. Tarradell (ctarradellbooks) | 1 comments * Title - The Eye of Yeme, The Sand Rogues: Book One

* Author(s) name(s) - C. Tarradell

* ISBN (or ASIN) - 1393689825

* Publisher - Independent/C. Tarradell Books/Draft2Digital

* Publication date - 12/16/19

* Format - Paperback and eBook

* Description - Shaye is an enigmatic thief who lives for the chase of treasure. The best at what he does, he has surrounded himself with a family of like-minded individuals, rich on their exploits of burglary and crime. But an overreach of his ambition may have propelled him and his family into an eons-old war between powers and forces way beyond their control - together they must struggle to find their place, to survive... and, of course, to walk away rich.

He was born with a glint of greed in his eye, the scoundrel.

Since a young lad, Shaye only ever cared about one thing: coin.

Well, also in what it took to get the coin. He was as much a thrill-seeker as a greedy thief.

A particularly interesting character, Shaye had quite an intriguing complex. A thief, a criminal, every day of his life, yet a good man with a good heart, a scholar and noble person, intent on doing the right thing for himself and his family of like-minded thieves.

Yet, for a thief, the ambition and greed is ever a nagging nemesis.

Overreaching (perhaps) for more, Shaye and his Sand Rogues venture to the western fringes of their desert home of Yemeatis, to the legendary and dangerous expanse of Hambetia, in search of treasures older than men.

But what was meant to be another of a string of heists, if not a different kind, quickly becomes a mission of survival for the Sand Rogues, as they find themselves caught in the middle of a struggle older than time, from an ancient epoch that men know little of.

Will they survive their latest exploits, together? Or will all, or one of them, fall to their pursuit of dangerous treasures?

* Page count - 302

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* Comments - I tried adding this book myself to the GoodReads database and I think I failed miserably - please help, thanks!

message 2: by Leila (new)

Leila (sarcasticromancereader) | 1094 comments You did just fine :)

Added cover from Amazon

Created Kindle edition

You can choose which edition is the default by following the instructions here

Also created 'The Sand Rogues' series

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