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Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor, #1)
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Matthew Manchester (calvinistbatman) | 233 comments Mod
I just made it to the trial with (view spoiler). I agree with other readers that it's been a steep learning curve....and we haven't hit the magic parts of this series yet.

I'm enjoying it though. This would make an incredible movie.


How is everyone else doing?
What was the last scene you read? (add the spoiler tag as necessary)
What's your biggest question so far?

Amanda | 101 comments Mod
The trial was so interesting! I like how the author just introduces new characters like he expects us to already know them, giving us information as we go, but not stopping to do a "this is the archon, he is from here and does this and that."

I will admit that my squeamish nature came out in the trial. (view spoiler)

Garrett Houghton | 17 comments Whew, I'm listening to this on audio while I work and thought it was the format/setting that was making it difficult to keep up. I had to go and read a bunch of the wiki to learn some terms and basic lore that I missed.
That being said, the trial is the first time outside of the prologue that the action picks up. Really cool stuff, almost like Nona is in the Matrix (at least what I think the Matrix is like, never saw the movie).

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