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Berkley Publishing Group (berkleypub) | 37 comments Mod
This is where it all began - where we meet Chicago's only professional wizard and start to get a sense of his world. Is this where you jumped on? What did you think of Harry's first published adventure?

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Priscilla (priscellie) | 1 comments I first read Storm Front in 2005 on audio, performed by the magnificent James Marsters. I started the book on the train to a friend's farm for a Firefly meetup, and by the time I arrived, I was so engrossed that I kept wanting to sneak away from the festivities to listen more. :D I so loved James' performance that I actually waited a month for Fool Moon and Grave Peril to come out on MP3-CD to read them. I'm so glad Buzzy Multimedia chose such a fabulous talent to bring fans into the series!

My question for my fellow readers: Was there a particular moment that made you realize that this series was something special?

For me, there are several moments that jumped out. I don't know why, but the first mention of "the Nevernever" grabbed me by the collar and made me sit up straight. The word intrigued me, and I love that Jim didn't explain it right away, instead letting the reader's curiosity build.

Next, I loved the potion-making scene. At the time, I was feeling increasingly disenchanted with Harry Potter and its impersonal system of magic-via-rote-memorization. The unique, emotional, grounded connection to magic in the Dresdenverse felt fresh and intriguing. I remember thinking to myself "YES. This is how magic works."

Also, the characters were just so great. I knew from page 10's "chivalry-off" between Harry and Murphy where they race to get the door for each other that I was going to ship the heck out of them, and 14 years later they're still my favorite pairing.

What moments grabbed you?

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Eno Gratfran | 1 comments I started reading in 2013, I was intrigued by how frequently The Dresden Files kept coming up on TV tropes’ Crowning Moments of Awesome so I had to start it from the top.

This was my first foray back into Urban Fantasy since I stopped watching Buffy many years before, little did I know that I was going to fall right back into something Marsters was involved in. What are the chances?

I think the moment that first hinted that I was going to love this series came when Harry said:

“I’d made the vampire cry. Great. I felt like a real superhero. Harry Dresden, breaker of monsters’ hearts.” - Storm Front, Ch.9

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Thomas Hood | 1 comments I remember starting the series my freshman year of high school (2008). I had never heard of the series prior, but the way that Harry was written it instantly brought me into the world and I fell in love with his whole character. It may be because Harry is everything I aspire to be. Noble, sassy, and an all around decent person. I could never be as brave as him though lol. I am glad that I found this book in the school library and I am glad I read it. This series has taken me through a lot of tough times in life. So thank you Jim <3

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Dat Alaughing | 1 comments My first experience with the Dresden Files was the TV show. The trailers looked so compelling that I forced a friend to sit down and watch the first episode. We were completely flabbergasted by the ridiculousness of some of the dialogue. I promptly forgot about the show and moved on.

It wasn't until a couple of years later when a girl I was interested in told me she was a fan of the books that I even realized there were books. I bought Storm Front to have something to talk to her about. Before the weekend was over, I'd purchased the next 4 books in the series. Something about Harry's voice had me hooked almost from page 1.

His sarcastic response to the mailman and his internal monologue when a potential client, which he's made it clear he desperately needs, asks if he's Harry Dresden the wizard, - "No, I thought. It's Harry Dresden the, ah, lizard. Harry the wizard is one door down." It's not even a good joke, but anyone who can be that aggressively sarcastic, even in the face of their own best interests, is someone I want to hear more from.

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Debbie | 1 comments I can't remember when I found the Dresden files, I like to think it was sometime around book 3 being published. Was searching my email to see how far back I go, and earliest I can find is 2007, but I was already well into it by then. I only mention this because these stories have been such a huge part of my life, and I can't think of a single other author that has affected me so profoundly as with this Harry Dresden series, Storm Front being the first of them all. It's not my favorite on a re-read, but I can safely say that said - I've listened to it at least twice and re-read at least 8 times if not more. Yes, I'm a Dresden junkie, and I have no desire to cure this addiction!

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Ian Agnew | 1 comments My intro to the Dresden-verse was with the TV series. iTunes had the first episode for free, so I downloaded it and got my older brother hooked. Paul Blackthorne was underserved in the series. I discovered the books a couple months later and would consume them faster than Toot-Toot would a pizza. I have since introduced them to my wife via the audiobooks and she loves them just as much.

it's great going back to the beginning of the series and seeing how much the characters have grown as well as the world around them. You can also see Jim's writing style become more confident as the series progresses which is neat!

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Meryl | 25 comments I first read Storm Front - I don't know - years ago. Early 2000s I think. I was so excited when the TV series came out, but it just didn't do the characters justice. I discovered James Marsters audio versions of them sometime around 2010-11, and it's his voice of Harry that I envision now. I'm with Debbie - it's not my favorite of the books, but I go back to it regularly and reread them all, in order. :)

I don't think there's a specific scene or element that's my favorite in this book. I enjoyed the relationship between Harry and Bob right from the beginning, and Toot Toot is adorable. I've always appreciated the references to noir detective stories, especially as it applies to Harry's yellow pages listing and his office.

I'll save other fav things for my comments on future books. I agree with others that watching how the characters have grown and evolved is something that's kept me a faithful reader and fan. Really glad to be able to revisit the whole series with other fans here!

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Brian Layman (brianlayman) | 10 comments I'm not sure if I will do this full re-read or not.

Good Reads tells me I've been through the whole series 4 times:
January 20, 2015 – Shelved as: read-2015
January 2, 2013 – Shelved as: read-2012
December 15, 2010 – Shelved as: read-2010
September 9, 2009 – Shelved as: read-2009

Of course "The whole series" keeps getting longer. :D

The last time through, though it was too familiar. It's been 5 years now. So maybe. I'll probably be drawn in by the conversation.

I really liked the stories of Molly and Michael and also the interaction with Bob. I'll save my comments about charity for when she enters the story. :)

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Lee (2scoutmom) | 6 comments I have been a fan of the series for a long time. I can’t tell you how many times I have reread or relistened to it through audible.
I love Harry’s sarcasm and his nobility. He is always trying to do the right things. My favorite part of this book was Harry’s first date with Susan. I won’t say more just in case someone still needs to read that.
Storm Front isn’t my favorite of this series. However, it was good enough to make me want to read more. I also got my son into the series. He loves it as much as I do.

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Theresa Bergeron | 1 comments I first encountered the Dresden Files in 2002, I think. I attended my first ComicCon (Shore Leave in Baltimore) to see James Marsters. Buzzy Multimedia had a booth to introduce their new audiobook, read by Marsters, and Jim was there to sign autographs. I bought the audiobook, got it autographed by both James and Jim, and listened to it the following week. I was hooked; I ran to my local bookstore and bought both Storm Front and Fool Moon to read. I only have about half the series on audio. Marsters does a stellar job, but I listen to audiobooks when I'm driving, and I don't do much of that nowadays. I've read all the books either in hardcopy or Kindle. I already have Peace Talks pre-ordered for my Kindle. I love Harry, but my favorite characters are Molly, Butters, and Mouse.

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Viking (viking_rugger) | 1 comments I had a gift card from my parents, and I was going through Barnes & Noble. I liked the cover, and the back page had Chris Bunch endorsing it. I had read some Bunch, and so I figured I would give it a try. Been hooked ever sense. I still have not heard any of the Marsters readings, though. I was on board on the first page when the mailman quotes Tolkien; "Subtle and quick to anger?" and Dresden replies with "Not so subtle."

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Lindsey Stoebner | 1 comments I started reading the series when Side Jobs came out. I was working at a used bookstore at the time and we got a new copy. I didn’t get Side Jobs then but picked up Storm Front and got sucked in! I don’t read constantly bit when I finish the last book in series I can’t help but start over!

What first drew me in (besides the characters and story) is Butchers humor. I love the writing so much and am always smiling at the subtle humor thrown in.

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Laura Thatcher  (lar-z) | 2 comments I was introduced to the series by the TV series. As soon as I ready Storm Front I was hooked. I think it was the line "Paranoid? Probably. But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face." (SF 8)

I pretty much re-read the series once a year. I'm slightly obsessed. I started my pre Peace Talks re-read over the weekend. I'm reading the short stories and graphic novels as well. I read fast and struggle to pace myself. I actually just finished re-reading Grave Peril this morning

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Steve H | 3 comments I was flying to visit my parents one Christmas probably sometime between 2005 and 2007 when I picked up Storm Front at the bookstore at the airport based on a sticky note in front of it as being a store employee recommendation. I had forgotten to bring a book to the airport, and I needed something to read, so Jim Butcher it was. I read most of the book during that day of travel and finished it up soon after arriving at my parents house.

I liked it, but it was a little uneven. It was a great airplane read, but I promptly kind of forgot about it.

About a year later, I had another long day of air travel planned, and I had again forgotten to bring a book. So, I went to the book storea and saw Fool Moon, and I said, what the heck, I'll get it. Again, I liked it, but it didn't grab me and reel me in.

About a year after that... I'm in the same situation once again. I bought Grave Peril. I was completely hooked. It reeled me in hard, and I devoured all of the remaining books over the course of a few months. I think that was roughly through White Night or Small Favor.

I've re-read the series probably 2 times (3 total reads/listens). I don't really read any more, just listen. I find I enjoy audio books much, much more than reading. James Marsters is great.

I just finished a re-listen a few weeks ago... don't know if I can do another one back to back, but I'm thinking I'll follow along, and maybe I'll take a stab at it.

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Travis | 2 comments is this just a read at your own pace read along, no set chapters or pages and then discuss?

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Libbie | 1 comments I have no recollection of how or when I first heard about the Dresden Files. Harry is such a familiar part of my life that I feel as though I knew about him before Jim Butcher created him. But how can that be true? LOL. I remember reading Side Jobs while waiting for my son to finish his drum lesson. That was 13 years ago so I’d say I picked up Storm Front about 16 years ago. Love Harry, love his world. I hope his luck starts to change soon! Can’t wait for Peace Talks.

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Beth Jordan | 1 comments My friend recommended the Dresden Files to me. Since I primarily listen to audiobooks in the car I decided to check out the audiobook for Storm Front featuring one of my favorite actors, James Marsters (Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), as narrator. I liked the first few books but I fell in love with the series and Harry as a character around Book 3 😁

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Eddie Kristan (giantlibrarian) | 1 comments My friend Ben recommended Dresden Files to me while we talked on the red line in 2011 after a really disappointing Cubs game. We went to Myopic Books the next day in Wicker Park and grabbed a paperback copy of Storm Front that I started reading on the metra on the way home. I was hooked ever since! Consequently, Myopic is my mental picture for Bock's Ordered Books whenever I read Dead Beat.

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Julie Gattis (jukiee) | 42 comments Are we also including the short and longer stories in the discussion or would that make it too difficult?

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Cj | 1 comments I discovered Harry when Changes came out. I knew I was starting at the end of an established series, but I read Changes first anyway. I read the rest of the series before the month ended, and read Changes again. Harry and his friends have become family.

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Jeremy Bennett | 1 comments I love Storm Front for what it is - the beginning of a mythos that's spanned what, 18 years in books? It's not a perfect read by any matter, but it is excellent bones to build with, and Jim has done an excellent job at just that.

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Elizabeth (libbazet) | 1 comments As opposed to many, I really liked the TV show (especially Paul Blackthorne). So sometime in 2008ish, I was trying to find out if there were going to be more episodes or not and stumbled across a discussion board about how the books were so much better. I went books. I had no idea there were books. I ordered the first one from an area library and was hooked.

Without the TV show, I probably would never have come across the books and almost certainly wouldn't have picked one up. As a general rule: I don't read urban fantasy (or really any fantasy); I don't read books in first person; I don't generally read books where the main character is male (that is more a function of my preferred genre than deliberate avoidance). The Dresden Files violate two more of my rules (not sure if it would be a spoiler since it has been awhile, so I will leave out what they are specifically) and I can totally see them violating another. I should not like these books, but I LOVE them.

We will see how far I get in the reread, mostly because of time and the number of other books I want to read.

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Michelle (aquig) | 3 comments My older brother gave me this book to read when it first came out. He thoughly enjoyed the snarkiness of Harry and thought it would appeal to me. I enjoyed it. And was excited to have another series to look forward to. It's not one of my favorite Harry Dresden books, but it does a great job of introducing the world and the main characters.

Berkley Publishing Group (berkleypub) | 37 comments Mod
Travis wrote: "is this just a read at your own pace read along, no set chapters or pages and then discuss?"

Yes! Since there are so many books to discuss, we thought breaking it up into chapters would be splitting too many hairs.

Berkley Publishing Group (berkleypub) | 37 comments Mod
Julie wrote: "Are we also including the short and longer stories in the discussion or would that make it too difficult?"

We can definitely add discussion posts for the additional material if that's something people are interested in!

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Josh (theliteratejedi) | 1 comments I picked up Storm Front on a whim because I was browsing at Borders (remember Borders?) and noticed it was a series.

I was hooked pretty instantly. I just finished reading Storm Front again, and while it's pretty bare bones for the Dresden stories we now know, it's still impressive how much of his world Butcher was able to cram into 300 pages. There are so many allusions to things that come later that you wouldn't pick up on unless it's a second reading that it makes you think that the amount he outlined in advance was a literal tome.

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Julia | 1 comments I was first introduced to Harry in Storm Front. I was working at my local public library over a summer break from high school, and I inhaled it. I was hooked immediately. Urban Fantasy wasn't something I was particularly aware of as a trend at the time, and this was one of the first series I read in the genre. It's still one of the best.
At the time, I thought Storm Front was one of the greatest books I'd read. Rereading it now, about a decade and several books later, I don't think it's as strong as some of the later installments. It's really interesting to see both Butcher mature as a writer, and Harry mature as a character, more or less in tandem.

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Laura Howard | 1 comments I read Storm Front for the first time in 2008. I was working for the Forest Service that summer and I had no internet or TV. I picked it up to fill my spare time, and immediaty was engrossed with the story and characters. When I read the scene where Harry fights off the scorpion and survives the elevator crash, I laughed aloud and realized I loved this book, and then I binge-read the rest of the series that had been published up to that point.

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Jeanie | 20 comments I kept encountering mentions of The Dresden Files on the Audible home page--I think whenever Audible first acquired the digital rights--and decided to give it a try. I was drawn in immediately and then began buying and reading all the other available Dresden books on Audible... and then began the yearly wait for the next edition. I was there for the Ghost Story fiasco when a "schedule conflict" caused a different narrator to take on the voice of Dresden. I thought Audible might blow up. I don't think it's a coincidence that Audible developed their Overall/Story/Performance rating system soon thereafter. We audiobook lovers already knew how important the narrator of a series was... the rest of the world found it out then, too. Hurray to Jim Butcher and Audible for having James Marsters re-record that one for those of us who couldn't hear Dresden from anyone other than Marsters!

Jim Butcher does a great job of writing interesting and entertaining stories and James Marsters does a great job of giving them a voice. fair warning to anyone wanting to give the audio a try... the first three or four books are a little rough in the production department--mic placement gave us noticable breaths and mouth noises, while a few mispronunciations slipped by the director/producer unnoticed. The heart of who Dresden is was there in Marsters' performance, but it wasn't until later that the quality of the production matched the author's and the narrator's talents.

I'm looking forward to this re-read and even more to Peace Talks!

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Wordwizard (wordwizardw) | 107 comments I saw the TV show first, and since I enjoyed it, and the credits said it was based on a book, naturally I read that. It wasn't that STORM FRONT struck me as being that outstanding, but that I kept finding myself laughing out loud as I read (probably at the snark) that kept me coming back for more. I figured I could use the laughs.

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Brandon | 1 comments I found The Dresden Files like I've found most things in my life, through depression. In 2008, I was stuck in a rut and couldn't escape again. I had downloaded the TV series and binged it instead of going to classes or doing homework. I loved the idea and couldn't believe that this show was from a book series! Well, I immediately tore through all the books that were out at the time and haven't stopped since. These books are my second saving grace outside of my family.

Dresden's inability to ever give up and his tenacity to fight a losing battle were what did, and continues, to draw me into these stories and this world. His human traits are so relatable and the fact that he doesn't always win and suffers are what keep him real.

Also, I have had the opportunity to meet Jim once in Seattle. He was Awesome! We were fortunate enough to be at the front of the line at the beginning of autographs, and Jim didn't just sit there but talked and interacted with the fans, and my kids. He was kind enough to reach out to me in a time of need once and sent me a letter that has helped me get through my struggles more often than I could count.

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ladymurmur | 1 comments I'd heard the Dresden Files mentioned as being a good series, but am embarassed to say that I'd assumed they were WWII spy thrillers or the like, based solely on the name! Then came the TV series on SciFi, and I was charmed. Half the fun of SciFi shows at that point in time was that they were a bit quirky, a bit rough, but thoroughly fun - leave glossy and polished for the networks. The hockey stick? Bob? our scruffy, haunted, but well-meaning hero? and MORGAN? Absolutely charmed.

As soon as the series finished airing, we acquired Storm Front and inhaled everything that was published at that point. Yes, the first couple of books are a bit rough - JB was a fairly early in his writing career, finding his rhythm and honing his craft. But on every reread, I'm surprised and delighted at how early so many plot seeds are planted, characters introduced, insights offered.

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Alicia Berkley Publishing Group wrote: "This is where it all began - where we meet Chicago's only professional wizard and start to get a sense of his world. Is this where you jumped on? What did you think of Harry's first published adven..."

I found the Dresden Files and Storm Front through being a fan of Angel & Buffy series. I was late to the Buffy/Angel bandwagon though. I got hooked on the Angel show first, then used my Netflix DVD by mail subscription to catch up on the Buffy series. This was probably in mid- to late-2002. I found out on the internet that James Marsters (aka Spike the vampire) had narrated a series of books. I looked in vain at the local bookstore for those audiobooks and didn't find them there, so I picked up the first novel. I read through it pretty quickly and I liked it. But, I didn't think I liked it enough to read the next one. But, a few weeks later, I realized I was thinking a LOT about a certain wizard from Chicago, so I re-read Storm Front, taking my time on the second go 'round: and I was hooked. After finishing Storm Front the second time, I went out & got all the books available at that time (I think it was just up to Summer Knight at that point). I spent a lazy weekend reading them all in one huge Dresden-binge. It was glorious! But, then the waiting started for the next book...

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Elizabeth Halo (rainawallis) | 1 comments I don't remember the exact year I started reading the Dresden Files, but it was during DragonCon in Atlanta Georgia when I was first introduced to the series by a friend of mine. I enjoyed it enough to continue reading more books, but it wasn't until Grave Peril that I started loving them. My favorite book in the series was Changes because it was the first book in the series where I was completely emotionally invested in all the characters.

I have re-read this series completely every single year a new book has come out. And then I re-read it when no books have come out. :) And now, I am going to begin my next complete re-read with you guys. ^_^

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Cyn Armistead (technomom) | 2 comments I'm not sure when I first read Storm Front, but I think it was around 2001 or 2002. I re-read the series for the first time in 2008, and I've done so several times since then. That's significant because I just don't re-read most books. There's this series and Snow Crash, and not much else. I didn't get to see the TV series while it was on the air but bought the DVD as soon as it was out. I enjoyed it despite it being so poorly done, just because it reminded me of the books. I've yet to convince my partner to read them, but I keep trying!

message 37: by Rashaun (new)

Rashaun | 19 comments I first encountered Harry Dresden with the tv show and remember being disappointed in its cancellation. I didn't came across the books till early 2009 I believe. I joined a book club and was able to get three books for free. I saw the first 7 in omnibus form and recognized the character. So those were the ones I choose. I devoured those and most of the others(that were out at that time) in quick succession. I got small favor as a Christmas gift that year. Since then I have reread them numerous times and it remains the one series that I make sure to get a copy of each new book as they come out. I remain a huge fan of the series today and am looking forward to reading the new one as soon as it comes out. It is also about time for a reread I think so I will be happy to follow along with this schedule to reread.

message 38: by Laura (new)

Laura (lsnow) | 1 comments I think I first encountered the Dresden Files via the TV series (long after it was cancelled), then by audiobook, probably around 2012? Then the books and the graphic novels. Looking forward to revisiting the series! It’s been a while since I read any urban fantasy, and I’d been craving it recently!

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Robert | 1 comments Re-read The Dresden Files? Stars and stones I'm in! There's only one wizard named Harry who's worth his salt IMO and his last name isn't Potter. I first came across Storm Front by Jim Butcher around 2007 or 2008 after reading Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth novels. I love James Marsters' reading for the audiobooks. Does anybody else find it funny that he mispronounces Johnny Marcone's name in the first book?

message 40: by Yasmin (new)

Yasmin Mazur | 196 comments I watched the TV series first, and really liked the dinamics there. I was very disappointed that it got canceled and went to check out the books. I was really surprised by the differences, but I couldn't put it down.
I'm a sucker for wise-cracking heroes with the weight of the world on their shoulder.

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Jessica (misswings) | 1 comments I read Storm Front probably sometime in 2010 or 2011, but didn't pick up any of the other books after that. The first one was okay, but I got sidetracked by other books at the time. I also do some online role playing/writing, and came across a message by someone interested in tackling omthingDresden verse, so picked up the books again. I read all that were out at the time, this being early 2013, I think, and liked the rest a lot better. The role play never got off the ground, but it's thanks to that I got back into the books.

I actually didn't know there were graphic novels. Being totally blind, that's one genre that would be hard for me to get into. Are they separate stories from the novels, or just the novels told in picture form, like comics?

message 42: by Chris (new)

Chris | 1 comments Jessica wrote: "I read Storm Front probably sometime in 2010 or 2011, but didn't pick up any of the other books after that. The first one was okay, but I got sidetracked by other books at the time. I also do some ..."

Both. The novels have been turned into graphic novels, but there are also new stories told that fit between the novels.

message 43: by Keith (new)

Keith | 1 comments I don’t remember exactly when I first met Harry through Storm Front. I know that it was shortly after the release of “Changes” that a friend who’s recommendations I always take began shouting to the heavens that something amazing was happening in these books. Trusting him, I added it to my 200 mile long Captain America style reading list and eventually I got there.

My first impression of the book was to call it “very readable trash”. Which I don’t regret, even knowing now that I had fully missed half of what was going on. I had after all flew through the book and that is a major part of how I determine the “goodness” of a novel. I couldn’t put it down and that meant I would read the rest of them gladly. As I did, I found that they got better, and better, and better.

A funny thing happened too. I wasn’t just enjoying Dresden and his wonderful world. I was inspired by it. I was scribbling poems in the margins of my notes at work. I was writing D&D campaigns for the first time in years. The Dresden Files pulled me out of a rut I didn’t even realize I was in. I’m deeply thankful.

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Andrea (andreadmw) So excited this read along is happening because I decided to audiobook the entire series leading up to the release in July. I have only ever read the books but have wanted to listen to the books since James Marsters reads them.
My husband and I discovered Harry about 2005 I think. I don't remember which one of us found him first but we both loved the series. Dead Beat was the first book we were waiting for the release for and it looks like that came out 2006.

I finished Storm Front and just started listening to Fool Moon yesterday. First Marsters voice is perfect. It feels like Harry and I love it.
I definitely feel like the writing gets stronger as the series continues and there are issues with the first few books but what struck me most was how quickly I got invested in the characters. Right away in Storm Front I care about Harry, Bob, and Murphy immediately. I love Mister and Toot Toot. Marcone has a small part but he is immediately interesting. I root for Harry and Susan and the Blue Beetle. It is all of them that keep me invested. These are all great introductions to characters we will learn more and more about as the series goes. They are what kept me coming back initially.

message 45: by Fawn (new)

Fawn (leogirl723) | 1 comments I was first introduced the The Dresden Files with the short lived TV series back in 2007. I liked the series, and enjoyed the world that was portrayed. I’d had it on my radar for years to read the books, but never got around to it. It wasn’t until I started listening to Audible more that I decided to dive into the series.

I purchased Storm Front on October of 2018. By October 2019 I had finished listening to all 15 books in the series. For those that have not listened to the series and only read the books, I highly suggest purchasing the audiobook. James Marsters IS Harry Dresden. He does a fantastic job of bringing Harry’s world to life.

I’m so excited for the next book to be released. Hopefully Jim Butcher will continue Harry’s path and universe past 20 books. I’m not ready to say goodbye anytime soon.

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Allan Moore | 1 comments I stumbled across Storm Front while looking for something to read. What got me hooked was the combination of weapons grade snark and interesting world building. His interactions with Toot-Toot and Bob hooked me right away

Michelle Schmalzried | 1 comments The Dresden Files was recommended to me by a work friend. I can't remember if we were talking about having a hard time finding something new to read or if he was just reading it and I asked him about it, but I've been hooked ever since and have reread the series countless times and moved to treat Butcher's other series' with the same fervor and devotion. Harry's extreme sass and sarcasm instantly reeled me in; even with the numerous rereads, I still laugh out loud, and I love that. His temper with Morgan and Marcone and interactions with Murphy sealed the deal. Storm Front isn't my favorite, and occasionally I'll skip it on a series reread, but I have to give it credit for sucking me in and not letting me go. Looking forward to Peace Talks!!

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Teresa McCarty | 1 comments I first read this series in high school, and have not only re-read it multiple times, I am currently listening to the whole series again on audio.
I remember falling in love with the character of Dresden as being thoroughly decent but also completely human and imperfect. This wasn't some chosen one or anyone particularly superhuman (other than being a wizard, of course). He isn't all powerful, and often has to resort to good old-fashioned PI work to get the job done. Even Murphy, the badass female friend, was not shown as someone perfect or even a "groupie" as she was willing to call him on his crap while also admitting when she might be wrong.
The magic system Butcher introduced is a wonderful mix of typical magic tropes, tradition, and his own unique twist on different lore, fairy tales, and magic itself.
It's definitely not my favorite book (IMO the series doesn't hit it's stride until book 3 or 4) but it was an awesome starter and definitely got me into a series that helped shape my taste for books going forward.

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Diane Wiese | 1 comments Found Storm Front while on a trip to Portland, OR. Just happened upon it and liked what little I read and got hooked. I could not buy them fast enough! Just last year, I purchased all the audibles and "reread" the entire series. Love the characters, the voice Jim writes with, and fighting the good fight.

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Cooper | 2 comments Wandering through Borders one day looking for something in the Sci-fi/Fantasy shelves and saw Storm Front. Got it on a whim and took it home and started reading. The next day I went back to Borders and got the next 2 books. That’s all they had.
Glad Jim’s last name is near the front of the alphabet. Hate to think I could have missed all this if his name started with an S or a W.

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