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Not Meant to Be Broken
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > New Adult The girl does not believe she can be loved or can be in love

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Miracle (miracle1295031) | 11 comments This book is about a girl who was sexually assaulted in an alley. She goes to live with her brother and his roommate. On the first day she moved in she couldn’t ride in the elevator with them because she has a problem with people being
Close to her or touching her. I don’t remember what happened to your mother but I don’t think she’s in the picture She’s moving out the house With her dad. She goes to a therapy sessions and meets a girl who’s bulimic and they become friends. I think she also gets a job. She eventually started dating the roommate and goes to meet his parents. His parents are rich and his dad cheats on his mom I think she’s a drunk or she takes pills But I know they call her weak.

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Emma | 4 comments Is this a fiction?

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Miracle (miracle1295031) | 11 comments Yes it’s fiction

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