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Fact or Fiction?

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message 1: by Pete (new)

Pete | 1 comments Alright team, so what sort of stuff are we reading here generally?
I tend to have three books on the run; a fiction (seems to be swinging between fantasy and horror at the moment), non-fiction and a teaching book of some kind.

message 2: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Carless | 1 comments I usually have quite a few books going. I have a classic on my kindle for when I go hiking, a poetry book that I’d be reading with my partner, and then a non-fiction and fiction that I’m reading at home/on the go. These holidays I’ve just been reading my class texts. This year (first year teaching full time) I want to read a few teaching related texts!

I used to be a one book person and teaching has really changed that.

message 3: by Anne (new)

Anne Diamond | 1 comments Just finished Flipped Mastery Learning, now reading ‘Teach like a Pirate’ and my hand bag book Hitchhiker’s G to the G. Doing lots of online reading as well. I’ve got a lot of online courses going, with readings etc. Love holidays. Also finished ‘I would be dead without this school’. This book written by the founder of Music Industry College Brett Wood. ISBN 978-0-6485752-0-7. Not available through this app :). Stories from students who didn’t fit a normal school. Recommended by Peter Hutton, Future Schools. Interesting read. Not a lot of strategies, more philosophical stuff.

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