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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Biker, girl alone during big storm, scared parents died

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Angeline | 2 comments Read this book in 2019.

This book starts while their is a storm outside. The h is alone at home she has tried all night to reach her biker boyfriend/husband. He has gone on a run he said but she has been trying to reach him but could not. She reached out to his biker brothers/real brother but still did not fine him.

Her family died during a storm in the night and he know that she is scared during storms. Can't remember if current went but she sat in the dark the whole night scared. There was some damage to the house during the storm.

He shows up the next day after someone else already came to help her. She gets mad at him and he leaves. He does not show up again for a whole month. By then she had decided to leave him.

message 2: by Angeline (new)

Angeline | 2 comments found it. It was called redemption weather by Christine Michelle.

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