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message 1: by Morticia (new)

Morticia | 1 comments Looking for two or more books in this mystery series with a woman living in in Montreal who happens upon mysteries to solve. She is an Anglophone but also speaks French. I probably read this in the early 2000's. Funny thing in both books, the woman hates to cook so once a month she makes a huge pot of chili and freezes it in small containers to eat every day, along with Diet Coke.

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35180 comments Mod
A guess - Kathy Reichs's "Temperance Brennan" series? The first book is Déjà Dead.

Wikipedia's description of the main character - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tempera...

"Dr. Temperance "Tempe" ... Brennan is a forensic anthropologist... Brennan is a native of Chicago who grew up in the Carolinas and one of only fifty board-certified forensic anthropologists in North America... Before the first novel, Brennan left her husband, Janis "Pete" Peterson, and overcame a lifelong struggle with alcoholism; as a result she usually drinks only Diet Coke, or an occasional Perrier water. She then accepted a job at the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Quebec in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She divides her time between teaching at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and advising on crime scenes, and spends about half of the year in each country. Brennan has a daughter, Katy, who is in college..."

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