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Sioux (siouxrowan) | 12 comments The Egyptian is showing 1954's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" on Jan 18 at 3pm. I'll be going if anyone wants to join me (and my husband)


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Sioux (siouxrowan) | 12 comments Other movies that may interest this group:

Triple Play of 1970s Eco-Horror Movies: Orca, Nightwing, and The Prophecy (1979) at the New Beverly Cinema on Jan 29 and Jan 30 (Orca starts at 7:30, so this is a late night event)

The extended cut of "Suspira" at the Nuart on Feb 7 (midnight show)

The Color Out of Space (staring Nicolas Cage) on Feb 14 at the Nuart (midnight)

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