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January 2020: Thriller > [Poll Ballot] Artemis - 3 stars

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forsanolim | 481 comments 3.5 stars, rounding down: Jazz lives on Artemis, the world's first moon colony, where she earns side money as a smuggler of goods from Earth to the Moon. When one of her clients offers her the chance to become involved in a crime that would, if successful, dramatically change her fragile financial existence and reshape Artemis's society in a fundamental way, she's quick to say yes. But when starting out on this con of a lifetime, she has no idea how deeply entangled she will become in the surprisingly dark underside of her relatively small Moon community.

I really enjoyed the Martian, but I'd held off on reading this for a while because I knew that this plot didn't sound as interesting to me--and I was right on that point, though I am happy that I got around to reading this. The pacing of this book definitely accelerates continually throughout. I very nearly put the book down around a quarter of the way through, because I wasn't the biggest fan of Jazz's narration and I wasn't sure where the plot was going to go. It definitely picked up after that, though, and I found the plot increasingly interesting. I again really enjoyed Weir's ability to add a lot of technical detail, and I found Jazz a really smart and capable heroine, though as mentioned I sometimes found her narration ("The city shined in the sunlight like a bunch of metallic books. What? I'm not a poet. They look like boobs.") a bit annoying, and there were a couple things (for example, (view spoiler)) that I felt pushed the boundaries of plausibility (even in a science fiction story set on the moon).

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David Putnam (davidputnam) | 279 comments Nice review.

Karin | 7200 comments I've heard that his book is a disappointment for many who like The Martian, so I haven't read it. I may have even taken it off my want to read shelf as well.

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