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What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything?
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Horror; Pets, a girl has two cats (Shadow and Angel) that die from some sickness, and threaten the girl's life as ghosts. [s]

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Charlotte I can't remember the specific year, but around 2012 I'd say? I read it in elementary school (it was a short story in an anthology) and it's NOT Pet Sematary or LT's theory of Pets. It was in the classroom stack of books, so it was probably published way before. The entire plot centers around a girl who's had a bunch of pets before. The story starts off with details about the dogs, turtles, fish that she's had before and they die. She then gets two cats; a white cat named Angel and a black cat named Shadow. Shadow eventually gets sick and has to take pills, but the girl realizes that Shadow has been spitting out the pills. Shadow dies and Angel follows suit (same way). Soon, the girl gets sick too and she sees ghosts of Shadow and Angel and it becomes apparent that they are the cause for her sickness. On the brink of death herself, the ghosts of her past pets fight off Shadow and save her.

Sorry, that's about as much as I can remember, I can't remember the author or what the overall title of the anthology was, but I was reminded of this book when I watched the Pet Semetary movie. Thank you so much!

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Charlotte Andrew wrote: "What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything?

Review about your specific story: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show..."

Thank you so much!!

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