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Callie LaBelle | 10 comments Mod
I found this to be a little slow but overall very imaginative and fun

Dane CC (awrenthatreads) | 3 comments Hello! hi ^.^ Quick introduction:

I am Dri ~ or Wren (that's my online handle/general nickname - it's a family thing, the bird thing). Hufflepuff! I read things! Sometimes I write things!


so this is why I like book groups because guys



I just finished part 1 and eeeeeeeeeeeeee

I'm so enthralled! I'm getting major Name of the Wind vibes. I don't know from where. maybe it's the storytelling? I've never read Laini Taylor before but I'm certainly going to continue.

I hope the book stays this good ^^ I really, truly, am genuinely rooting for Lazlo and I love it when I can throw myself in to support a main character. and I'm intrigued by Thyon, even if he is a prat.

I'm excited to keep reading!


sorry guys XD I just had to share that somewhere and, well, book group!

Dane CC (awrenthatreads) | 3 comments I finished! I loved this book so much! There were parts of the end that I ended up skimming through a little bit, but I'm weird in the sense that I tend to skim through high-action scenes but will fully immerse myself in the slower, world-building sorts of descriptions.

First note: I utterly forgot about the prologue bit until Sparrow was making the little flower cake and mentioned the buds and I had to stop a minute and think because that looked *familiar* but I couldn't figure out from where. Then I went back and reread the beginning and was like


oh no

Then I was on the edge of my seat (metaphorically) wondering which girl was gonna bite it at the end. I am SO curious to see where this goes in Muse of Nightmares. But yeah, I really appreciated that bit of storytelling there. I think Laini Taylor is certainly a wonderful storyteller and this was a really great book to read right after finishing The Starless Sea, which is also very much a book about storytelling. It made me appreciate this even more.

ANYWAY! Those are my thoughts. I've got some questions for y'all:

1). Who was your favorite character?
2). What do you think happened to all the godspawn children?
4). Was there anything you found confusing about the world/story?
5). How do YOU want it to end? This can be as realistic or ridiculous as possible.

Also, feel free to ignore my questions if you don't feel like answering them. I just figured I'd toss them in and I'm curious what you guys think!

Brittany Schmidt (brittany_schmidt2020) | 2 comments Mod
When you’re listening to the audiobook and get to chapter 9 you feel pretty good, until you realize that location of the audiobook converts to page 67 of 532. It’s a very immersive world, like I’ve seen in other comments and from what Callie told me, and I can’t get enough! I’m posting because I got to Part II and the word “thakrar”, the precise point on the spectrum of awe at which wonder turns to dread, or dread to wonder, made me stop for a moment and feel excited for where this magical story is about to go. And I’m feeling a little inspired by the word and it’s meaning. Happy Friday and happy reading 😊

Sara | 8 comments Mod
I'm getting sucked into this world and I am loving these characters so much! They are unique and each are themselves. Over a third of the way through and I've already had ideas about what will happen verses what has happened and I can't wait to see how where it goes!

Sara | 8 comments Mod
So, finished this book and I have feelings! While I did have a solid feeling about what would happen, I was right on several parts and I was also wrong on other parts. I did have some parts where I was a little confused as to what was part of the dream world versus what wasn't, however, I would overall declare that this was very well written and I enjoyed it immensely!

I"m still wrapping my head around some parts of it, but I am curious as to how the second book is going to go. It almost seems as though there is one way and I fail to see how Sarai can get out of her current situation. Any ideas??

Dane CC (awrenthatreads) | 3 comments Me and Callie chatted on Instagram that maybe Sarai could like.. ascend into true godhead or something ^^ I don't know how that would play out for her and Lazlo's budding romance though. It might end up being one of those bittersweet Sokka/Yue situations :( But honestly Laini Taylor has proven to be so creative that I wouldn't put it past her to come up with something I'm incapable of predicting and making it work beautifully XD

Brittany Schmidt (brittany_schmidt2020) | 2 comments Mod
Friends. I am SO mad about the ending.

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