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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fiction/YA - Boy & his dog - dog is lost and ends up with a (hobo? clown?) performing at a circus - boy goes to the circus & he and dog see each other - dog runs to him - prob 1950s-1970s

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Jennypam | 2 comments I remember that the hobo & the dog worked together, but ultimately the hobo acknowledged that the dog & his original owner (the boy) had an unbreakable & heartwarming bond.

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Jennypam | 2 comments Nope, but that looks like a sweet book!

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Bonnie | 241 comments How about "A Boy and a Dog"by Marguerite Henry?

Benjamin teaches his dog to jump into his arms from high places, only to have her stolen away into a circus act.

1944 A Boy and a Dog (Hardcover) The classic story of a boy and his best friend - his dog! Benjamin and his gal, Whiskers, are the main characters of this heartwarming story about their experience with both the good and bad sides of the circus.


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bookel | 2328 comments White Ruff by Glenn Balch.
White Ruff by Glenn Balch

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