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message 1: by Rafael (new)

Rafael D'Abruzzo (rafaeldabruzzo) | 10 comments Hello.

I tried to add a book today but it's not appearing in any search. I'm one of the authors.

If possible, please add:

Antologia Mitografias, Volume III: Mitos de Trindade

Link (not on Amazon):

Organizers: Andriolli Costa, Isa Prospero e Leonardo Tremeschin

Editors: Andriolli Costa, Isa Prospero, e Lucas Rafael Ferraz

Authors: Andriolli Costa; Auryo Jotha; Bruno Leandro; Déborah Happ; Guilherme Lopes; Isa Prospero; Leonardo Tremeschin; Luiz Felipe Vasques; Rafael Priviero D'Abruzzo; Simone Saueressig; Tiago Rech; Victor Almeida.

Language: Portuguese

Release: December 8th, 2019.

If you can put me as one of the authors, I can input the cover later.

Thank you very much.


message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 24764 comments Rafael, did you add the isbn or asin to the record? If you did if you search by that it should come up.

New books take a while to show up in search, so its probably there already.

message 3: by Rafael (new)

Rafael D'Abruzzo (rafaeldabruzzo) | 10 comments hi Sandra, thanks for your help.
there is no isbn or asin.
I added it almost 6 hours ago, I thought it would be there already. Must I do anything or just wait in this case?
thank you again.

message 4: by Scott (new)

Scott | 21408 comments Just wait, it can take up to a week these days.

message 5: by Rafael (new)

Rafael D'Abruzzo (rafaeldabruzzo) | 10 comments ah, ok! thank you!

message 6: by Rafael (new)

Rafael D'Abruzzo (rafaeldabruzzo) | 10 comments The book was added, thank you all. the only missing information is one of the organizers, Lucas Rafael Ferraz. How can I include his name as an editor?
thank you again for all the help and information.

message 7: by Rafael (new)

Rafael D'Abruzzo (rafaeldabruzzo) | 10 comments Hello. is it possible to add the editor? thank you.

message 8: by Rafael (new)

Rafael D'Abruzzo (rafaeldabruzzo) | 10 comments hi, Corinne.
Lucas worked on editing this anthology, reviewing and editing the texts.

thank you.

message 9: by Rafael (new)

Rafael D'Abruzzo (rafaeldabruzzo) | 10 comments Ok, thank you for the information.

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