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Foretaste of Glory
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult; Fiction; Rapture in a small town or community. [s]

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classicsreader | 14 comments I read this book in the early 90's but it was a much older cloth covered book with probably also cloth pages. so it could be quite old. (many publishers did stop making cloth pages around 1900, and started using paper made from trees). the book was about people in a small community that were divided amongst themselves by who was rich (blue blood) and who was poor (red neck). the climax worked totally toward the end of the book wherein was the rapture. if it was really religious other than that I dont remember. I am sure the point of the book was that riches don't get people to heaven. I read the book before I knew what the terms red neck and blue blood meant. but probably the whole purpose of the book was to reinforce that kind of social division..or else possibly to refute it, I am not really sure. the name of the book was something like "glorious end" and throughout the entire book what everyone was focused on was "the glorious end"...

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Foretaste of Glory?

"The citizens of the small town of Blakesburg see the aurora borealis and decide Judgment Day has come in this 1946 best-seller."

Kirkus mentions "...profiles of the characters in the southern town of Blakesburg. The time is September 18, 1941 -- and on that evening Blakesburg had a spectacular display of Northern Lights. Through the town ran the terror that this presaged the end of the world, and each chapter shows one of the town's citizens making his peace with God and his neighbors."

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classicsreader | 14 comments yes that is definitely it! I couldnt remember the name of the town, or if it even named a town ( or towns). However now, I do remember it was the Northern Lights that was the main event, and that is definitely the title that I now recall. Thank you!!!

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You're welcome.

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