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Jessie | 2 comments I thought that it was called hex ink, but apparently it wasn't because I googled that and did not find it

The main story was about a boy in school who finds a website where you can buy hexes, but he is unsure so he buys the cheapest one and it works, but this girl in class he does not like gets a better end of it, so he buys a bit more expensive hex, but still pretty cheap, that means that the next day she would have the worst day ever
She does, but it is a pretty great day and he is told that it is because she spent more money so everyday after that her day would get better and better

Another story that I remember was a Hansel and Gretel one where they go into an arcade and I believe that the witch actually was like a fitness nut but that might be from something else and I added it in in my memories, but they definitely went to an arcade and the girl tricked her brother when they made a bet he said that when ice melts there is still the same level of water in a glass and she doesn't want to lose this bet so she sneaks back into the house under false pretenses and adds just a little bit more water so that he would lose the bet and this makes him doubt himself enough that he makes silly decisions later until she tells him what she did

please help, I'm trying to suggest this book to someone and I sound like an idiot when I cannot find it 🤣

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Jessie | 2 comments I do not know how to bump this
Maybe this will work?

message 3: by Rosa (new)

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5198 comments The first story is from Curses, Inc. and Other Stories. There's a Hansel and Gretel story set in an arcade in A Wolf at the Door: And Other Retold Fairy Tales, but the other details aren't in it.

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5198 comments Jessie, any luck?

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5198 comments Jessie?

message 6: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Deason | 6 comments Got linked here as im looking for the same book as the first story, Curses Inc, thank you!

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Kris | 35128 comments Mod
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