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Caroline (carolinerudolph) | 138 comments Hello All!

Being that this will be our first poll and book pick for this book club, there may be a little adjustment period to get this group acclimated with book selections, but I'm happy to have you guys! The plan is to select and read one classic book and either one contemporary classic or popular pick every month, then discuss the work and related topics together.

Please list any nominations for our book picks for February 2020 here, and refer to Book Suggestions: How-To for ideas on types of books to nominate! Feel free to nominate up to three books for each section, we'll pick from the most popular or seconded listed. If there aren't any nominations, I'll plan to pick a selection of books for our polling and we can develop our future selections from there.

Contemporary/Popular Pick:

We will have the poll up around the 15th of each month for a week's period of voting, with enough time to ensure our own copies.

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Caroline (carolinerudolph) | 138 comments Nominations for this month's poll were privately DM'ed.

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