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Mostly Ruins. Almost all the buildings are completely ruined. Some of them were restored by Darkstalker when he came there though.


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Bloodmoon curled up in the mountains, remembering how when he was 9 years old, Darkstalker had offered for them to leave and go to live here. He only had learned about this a year later, when he had heard about what had happened. He was so sad. If he hadn't been banished he could have had his problem fixed! He dreamed about what could have happened and woke up the next day, ready to get to the ruins

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KingdomReader Ruby landed in the old NightWing ruins " Ah yes! this will be a perfect spot to find my herbs! " he said

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BloodMoon landed on the sandy beach and breathed in the air. He looked around to try and find a cave that he could stay in, but didn't find one. He flew to the ruins and landed inside the library. One of the few buildings that had been restored, it was a marvel to look at. But no one came because they were afraid of getting hurt by a vengeful ghost or something

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KingdomReader Ruby walked into the library, Looking for books on herbs

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BloodMoon flew up to a high up shelf, looking for a empty spot where he could slip through and hide from everyone

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BloodMoon didn't find a spot in the Library, so he was about to leave when he spotted a Ruby-Red Mudwing enter. He paused and quickly dove outside to leave as soon as the Mudwing was out of sight. He landed inside the old Palace and breathed a sigh of relief. He had heard of a small device that could tell you how good or evil you were and he searched for it. He gave up and went t the Queen's chambers, where he sat down with a sigh on the old bed. A huge cloud of dust came up, making him cough.

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KingdomReader Ruby's ears twitched "Someone is here" he said and fallowed the noise to the old Queen's room

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Bloodmoon coughed and got off the bed. He walked to a different room that had been restored for some dragons to live in and got a mattress and blankets for the bed. He dragged them to the Queen's old room and switched them around so that he could sleep there peacefully

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KingdomReader Ruby peaked around the door to see a NightWing 'What is he doing here?' he thought to himself

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BloodMoon jumped onto the mattress and laid down, pulling the blankets onto himself. He was really tired from the long flight

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KingdomReader The NightWing went to sleep and Ruby came in and left some jars of healing salve and put a few blankets on the NightWing as he left he put a note with the jars
"Sleep well NightWing, The jars are healing salves. If you ever want to meet I work at JMA.

And then Ruby left

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BloodMoon woke up around Night-time and realized that someone had been there. He jumped up and made sure that no one had stolen his stuff. He sighed in relief and walked down to the beach to watch the waves and think about what he was going to do. He didn't want to be an Outcast forever.

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KingdomReader Ruby was at JMA making some new salves as he thought about the NightWing he saw

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He kicked a stone and watched it fly into the sea, instantly getting swallowed by a huge wave. He sighed and laid down on the sand, looking up at the Sky.
'Drago help me,' he thought to the constellation that flew across the Night sky

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KingdomReader Ruby sighed and went to reach for an herb but there was none left "Welp! Looks like I'm going back to the kingdom " He said and took off

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BloodMoon watched the waves crash and boom, never stopping no matter what. He sighed as the spray tickled his scales

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KingdomReader Ruby crash landed on a beach near the castle "Ah bugger!" he shouted as her tried to roll over

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BloodMoon heard a dragon land-shouting, on the beach nearby and took off. He ran for the castle and hid in the dungeon. It gave him terrible headaches to walk further into the dungeon because many dragons had died here.

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He started to moan and collapsed on the ground. His eyes flickered with thousands, hundreds, of dragon's endings.

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KingdomReader Ruby had flipped up to see and dragon run into the dungeons
He fallowed
He saw the NightWing huddled in the back, clutching his head
Ruby gasped and ran to the NightWing and bent down next to him 'Are you hurt!? Did you hit your head!? You could have a concution!" he said as he pulled the NightWings hand off his head and started to feel the NightWings head for damage

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BloodMoon started to mumble the last moments of prisoners, "THEY KILLED ME!!!! THEY STARVED ME!!" he screeched, "THEY LEFT ME TO DIE!!! THEY BETRAYED ME!!!" then a long silence, all the prisoners who had passed away without a word, "I think I'm going to be sick," a sickly voice moaned from within himself. It was not the voice of BloodMoon, but that of a prisoner from long ago, "Goodbye, I am sorry that we failed to see your true form," the voice mumbled. BloodMoon shook and curled up into a small ball, murmuring and talking to himself.

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KingdomReader Ruby had a confused look but grabbed BloodMoon, tossed him over onto his back and ran out of the dungen

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BloodMoon calmed down and breathed heavily. If it wasn't for the other dragon, he may have died in there. All of those dragon, they each died in a meaningful way, in the same place, it was impossible to ignore all of them.

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KingdomReader Ruby shook the NightWing "Hey! NightWing you need to wake up!" He said franticly

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BloodMoon's eyes flickered open, "Who are you!? Where am I!?" he said and backed away from Ruby

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KingdomReader Ruby raised he claws "Hey now! Its okay you're safe! I pulled you out of the dungeon! I was just checking to make sure you didn't hit your head or anything" Ruby said

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BloodMoon shuddered and looked at Ruby gratefully, "Thank you," he said quietly, "Though you may wish that you didn't save me if you knew my talent," he said and looked at the ground, "I am a monster and a disgrace, I shall leave now so that I do not tarnish your reputation," he said

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KingdomReader Ruby blinked
"Hey now, none of that Little NightWing, You are perfect in every way okay? And even if you were a bad person I still would have helped you" Ruby said as he hugged BloodMoon, wrapping his huge wings around him

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BloodMoon wrapped his wings around himself. He hadn't been hugged since his mother passed away. He could still hear her final words, they were with him every second of the year. He would always remember them. He closed his eyes and remembered the day it had happened, he had been playing outside by himself in a stream when he heard someone call for him, telling him that his mother needed him. He bounded into her room and she looked him in the eye and told him that he would always matter, and that he would always have a place somewhere. He had asked her where, but she had left. He never saw her again. A month later he went to her funeral and was declared an outcast

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KingdomReader Ruby could feel the pain the NightWing was going though "Hey do you want to talk little NightWing? Or would you like silence?"

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BloodMoon shook his head, "Why do you keep calling me little?" he asked and bared his teeth, "I bet I could take you in a fight. I'm probably older then you," he sneered. He hated doing this to dragons, but otherwise they would stick around and his feelings would get hurt when they moved on.

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KingdomReader Ruby raised a eyebrow
" Listen Little NightWing, maybe you don't know this but MudWings are the biggest dragons around amd I am double the size of a normal MudWing so....." Ruby said smiling

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BloodMoon hissed, "I still could take you down in a blink of an eye," he said looking Ruby up and down, "I've hurt bigger dragons than you," he hissed

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KingdomReader Ruby laugh and held a claw out "Hi name's Ruby, And you are?"

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BloodMoon frowned at Ruby, "My name doesn't matter," he said, "You should leave and go back to your home, this area is haunted," he said, hoping to scare Ruby off

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KingdomReader Ruby laughed "No its not, If it was we would have been eaten by now"

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BloodMoon frowned and huffed, "It is though!" he insisted

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KingdomReader Ruby laughed and patted BloodMoon on the head "Sure little NightWing" he said and started to walk off

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BloodMoon hissed and let Ruby walk away. He sat down on the stone ground of the courtyard and imagined the dances that used to happen here. He realized that if he tried hard enough, he could revive the Nightwing Kingdom. He could bring back all of their traditions and practices. The Nightwings could have their own home and not live in another tribe's Kingdom!

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KingdomReader Ruby came back from getting herbs when he saw BloodMoon sitting in the courtyard
"Hey Little NightWing! Whatcha thin' about?" Ruby asked as he sat down next to BloodMoon

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BloodMoon smiled slowly, "I'm going to save my tribe," he said

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KingdomReader Ruby nodded and reach into his bag and pulled some jars out "Good luck! Hey when you save your tribe will ya do my a favor? Will you let me know you're okay? " He asked as he handed BloodMoon the jars

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BloodMoon frowned, "What do you mean?" he asked Ruby

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KingdomReader Ruby shrugged "You said you were going to save you tribe so I'm asking you to send me a message when you do! " he said and stood up to fly away
"Good Luck BloodMoon The Little NightWing and the savoir of the NightWing tribe"

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BloodMoon worked for months, trying to make the Nightwing Kingdom better. He used up all the treasure everywhere to buy new supplies so that he could make it all ready. He replaced table-windows-chairs-pretty much everything. It took him forever, but he was done finally. There would be enough room for around eleven dragon families to start off. Then they could rebuild and make more room.

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KingdomReader Ruby was at JMA working on someone as he thought about BloodMoon
'I hope hes done it. and I hope he's okay'

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BloodMoon flew to the Rainforest and landed in the village on the main road. He breathed heavily, "I did it!" he said wearily, "I fixed the old Kingdom!"he said he was shot disapproving and unbelieving looks from the crowd. They murmured about him. He caught snippets of their conversations and slumped in defeat.

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They hated him. They fought that he was there to steal their souls. He saw his father usher a small dragonet and a female dragoness into their house before closing the doors tightly. The villagers all ran into their houses, keeping small dragonets away from him

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KingdomReader Ruby had gone to the RainWing Kingdom to get more herbs when he heard BloodMoon
"Its true!" he yelled
The NightWing couldn't see him so they thought it was another NightWing
They all nodded and the started to take off
Ruby watched all of the NightWings leave, He smiled and went back to the market

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