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Nadia The It Factor puts a spin on Scottish folklore and is the first book in a trilogy. I'm looking for beta readers who are willing to read my first chapter and if still interested, more chapters to follow. Below is the blurb! Thanks for reading!

Completely conceited Peyton Patterson is living proof that life is perfect. She is the envy of all the girls at Hood River High School and the one that no guys can resist.
When Case Carter saunters into her school, wearing a battered leather jacket over a crisp white t-shirt and leather boots, things start to change for Peyton. Normally, she'd find his retro style repulsive, but with everyone's attention turning from Peyton to Case, she can't help but crush on him.
Fighting to keep her future prom queen status unscathed, Peyton turns her charm towards Case, but he has no interest in Peyton because his eyes are set on a different girl, someone Peyton never saw coming. With her brain tied up in knots, Peyton decides to do what any rejected high school girl would do, dig up dirt on her future beau. Only, what she reveals about him is a bitter truth.
Maybe, if Peyton hadn't tried to blackmail Case, she could have returned to her lavish carefree self. But, it’s too late for that. Peyton knows what Case Carter is, why he's attending Hood River High School, and who he's there for. For the first time in her life, Peyton wishes everything wasn't all about her.

message 2: by Mily (new)

Mily | 1 comments Hi Nadia, It seems like you have something that might turn into quite the gripping story for teenage girls. I'm interested in reading your first chapter and giving you some feedback.

message 3: by Nadia (new)

Nadia Thank you, Mily for responding. I'll PM you my first chapter!

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