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Catherine Woods I loved twilight and read all the books at least 10x over,well all except for breaking Dawn which I cant bring myself to finish.I loved the story line and the characters,well all except for Bella Swan who is I think one of the most irritating protagonists to exist.I didn't mind her so much but she got really bad in Eclipse.I don't know how Edward put up with her constant pleas to be changed etc...She would literally talk of nothing else and bring it up in EVERY conversation,I would have throttled her.Not to mention her constantly begging the guy to have sex with her...WTF Bella geez. Despite Bella it will always be one of my favourite series ever.

I will now say why I didn't like Breaking Dawn so if you don't want spoilers don't continue.

There is literally a quote in Breaking dawn that says :"From that first little touch, the whole world had shifted. Where before there was just one thing I could not live without, now there were two. There was no division -- my love was not split between them now; it wasn’t like that. It was more like my heart had grown, swollen up to twice its size in that moment. All that extra space, already filled. The increase was almost dizzying." I hated that.Stephanie added this because she knew Bella having a child would take away from the love story this whole saga has been about,so its a way for us to know that no, the love is still completely the same nothing has changed but it so obviously had.It wasn't really a love story between Edward and her anymore for me after that.Also how dare they say that the only reason Jacob was so attracted to Bella and the reason they were so close etc was because of Bella's unborn child?F that you know,I loved Bella and Jacobs friendship and to diminish their relationship to nothing like that was awful for me.

Brigham Sinclair JonnyStark wrote: "Hello book readers of reddit, I started the Twilight saga about 2 months ago mostly as a joke. I had nothing better to do and I constantly have heard from people that it is a terrible series. I bas..."

Hello there johhney staek, its brigHaM here ive recentlt finished reading the wtwiglight series and i LOVED it
As a 53 year old man i had mydoughs anbout reading this book but i had heard so manny of the young'uns at my work raving about it i simpley had to give it a go. I waspleasently surprised. Just loved the characters, the plot,and most of all the sexy romance scenes.
my favourit of the sage was definitely breaking dawn although my heart was torn to shreds at the end when jacobis leg had to be amutated
when i finishe dthe series i felt empty and lost it took my a while before i could red anything again. a series i think is a great one to read next is fifty shades of greyy, simply superb.
HopE that was helpful
Brigham Sincair
p.S- team EDward 4 ever!

Ruby I loved these books. I truly regret watching the movies before reading the books. and I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who likes YA.

Amanda S I loved this saga. It just has a way that pulls you in when Bella first goes to school and meets Edward, all the way until they get married. I truly love this love story to put it into simple words. I loved it from beginning to end and there is no way for me to put it into words.

Wattt I really liked the lore. Like how your greatest talent turns into powers when you become a vampire. That was cool. Also fun fact whenever I listen to any Beatles hits I instantly think of Twilight, since I was listening to that cd on repeat while reading the first two books. Especially ticket to ride. Kind of awkward but eh.

Cailin Lewis Honestly as much as opinions go for the Twilight Saga, I can’t bring myself to hate on it. I grew up reading these books over and over again and never really growing tired of them. The books are far better than the movies, hands down. They got me through boring nights and honestly fueling my imagination again some days. It’s a great series and I appreciate the author for making them.

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I really enjoyed the books. I read them one after another very quickly as I just wasn't able to put them down. Although I'm over the "Twilight" hype, I'll always remember how enjoyable the books were. Perhaps I'll revisit them again some day.

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Heer Upadhyay TwilighTV is the best series Ihave ever read. There's tragedy,love, romance and its full of twists. Its a lot of fun to read. I read it when i was in the 10th grade and i still find difgiculty to put down the nove. I knkw there are 100s of people who dont like novel for their own specific reasons and 1000 others who are a BIG twhards(like me). I love twilight becaused its jusTV not another love story. There's so much to it. Stephenie's writtings are awed to read. I recently read midnight sun ( Twilight from edwards POV) and i must say ITS THE BEST. I mean, edawrd is the man of everyone's dream. In midnight sun i came to know who real edward is! I dont mean that bella doesnt know edawrd well. But through midnight sun i came to know that edward is so.... Kind hearted, caring. It could also be seen in the scene when bella kissed jacob and edward didnt even object to it. I mean, if I was edward i would have been so mad. Like, how could bella betray edward ! Edward is everything one can wish and get. But like i said the novel is full of twists and turn and that's why i love it. Another reason. I love the novel is- how beautifully through the writting she has made the characters so alive to me. They are like a real characters to me. Edward, a vampire guy and bella, the clumsy girl. The entire novel unfolds as a beautifull scenario begore my eyes. The bio class, the meadoe, basketball, breakup scene, the battle, the wedding eberything is so beautifull amd clear. And so not like the twilight movie. Am i the only one who does not like the twilight movie? I just think the movie has that feel and some scenes in the movie make me so angry, like edward fightinh with bella during her pregnancy where it was totally the opposite! And then i read something on google that made me hate robert pattinson! In a recent interview he said so much bad things about twilight and edward and bella. And just not that but also he called THE BOOK UNPUBLISHABLE! How dare he saTV that! It made me soooooo angry and taht time. How can u ite the hand that feeds u. If u have a problem with twilight keep it to urself no need of a public announcement!
Anyways, I love twilight its luke a part of my like and if i could wish for one thing i would wish to meet edawrd and bella and also to see the meadow

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Cam Luong I can't speak for the entire series, BUT I have read the first book and I DO plan to finish the series. It was so hyped up when I was younger and I was initially turned away from it because my sister told me that I was "too young for it." WHICH I REALLY WAS LOL. And so when I found that a couple of my friends had read/were-reading/were-going-to-read it recently, I knew it was my time to hop on the train. While I want to give the series a fair chance by reading it in its entirety before I watch the films and make a final judgment on it, I do have a mixed opinion on Twilight right now. I personally thought that the writing was a bit juvenile D:, something I might've enjoyed when I was younger and less experienced with the YA genre, since Meyer seems to add paragraphs of useless, extra information as a filler between the oh-so-romantic Bella and Edward scenes. Honestly, the style seems like something I would've written when I was like 10. And even though I've heard a GREAT DEAL about stuff that happens in the series, I never really took it seriously because I thought people were just overreacting. But now, D: EDWARD SEEMS SO CREEPY!! He watches her when she sleeps! Endless staring and stalking! BUT he's cute so that might make it ok. I also don't see what the romance is built off of besides physical attraction and smell. Nothing really happened during Twilight until the last quarter of the book, which is generally not a good sign. BUT I DID ENJOY EDWARD'S SPARKLING SCENE. OH GOD I LAUGHED SO HARD AHHAA! But he also seems pretty temperamental and possessive over Bella, like the really MASCULINE type of character over the weak(?) Bella (she kinda seems like a dimwit). Which makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I'm still intrigued enough to continue reading and maybe my opinion will change :).

Maggie Bell I am literally obsessed. I read the series in a week, trying to draw it out as long as possible because I was devastated when it was over. My only complaints were how long new moon felt without Edward, and at times Bella was annoying. But otherwise, FAVORITE SERIES.

Grace Hart I genuinely love this series (besides Breaking Dawn, the movie definitely was better). When I was in jr. high I fell in love in the series completely. There are even diary entries from those years of me yearning for a vampire to come in and watch me sleep (which is now problematic, but a 12 year old can dream). In high school, everyone started to make fun of the series so I hid my admiration.
Years later as an adult, in my boredom, I picked up Twilight and reread the series and couldn't believe I ever doubted my love for this insane saga. Though some parts clearly are problematic, I still find it just as entertaining as an adult. My grown self still desires a spooky vampire to come love me (but not watch me sleep). I'll admit, I even got a team Edward tattoo. Its almost become a meme with my friends that I am like the Will Forte character in Parks and Recreation that is obsessed with these books.
As lame as they can be, I truly think this is an important series for so many people, especially those who were young during the Twilight craze. I don't know about anyone else, but I cannot wait until Midnight Sun hits the shelves so we can finally get a glimpse into Edwards mind.

Yadira Garcia Okay, Twilight is one of my favorite series and it's honestly the series that got me started on reading YA novels and I haven't looked back since. I think Stephenie has a way of writing to a younger audience. I have reread the series now that I am older (25) and I still love it. Yeah, there were some moments where Bella did some questionable things, like not run away from a Vampire, but I think what makes it interesting is the love that they have for each other as twisted as it might be it's something that some teenagers go thru of wanting something but not being able to have it. It's also a teenage romance and many of us know that those sentiments are so strong at that young age. With that being said, I cannot wait to read Midnight Sun, I think it will give us so much inside into Edwards mind and his POV.

Megan The Twilight Saga is one of my favorite series of all time. Obviously, as many people have pointed out, it has it's issues, but what book doesn't? I disliked Bella's character--she had nothing going on for her, and for her to be so ready to give everything up for Edward is a little disconcerting. I do love how well Stephanie Meyer describes things throughout the book; it helps readers to paint a mental image better than other books have done before. One thing I dislike about the series is the supposed love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. It seemed to me that in no point in the series was Jacob actually a contender in this triangle, even in New Moon! The movies do a better job of portraying him as a contender, but the movies are terrible, so I don't count those. Lastly, every book does this thing where it's about 400 pages of romances and that stuff, and then it wraps it up with an action scene, and that's it. Every book does this--Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Well, Breaking Dawn less so.
All-in-all, this is a fun, enjoyable read for Young Adults, and I would certainly suggest it to anyone who likes Romance and a bit of Action in their reading.

Moriah S. I really like it. I liked it even better the second time reading it. It receives wayyy too much hate that it really doesn't deserve. Because it gets so much hate it seems like everyone feels pressured to hate on it too which is sad because I'm sure more people would have loved it had they given it the chance.

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I love twilight saga.
i agree with Moriah

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