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message 1: by Ave (new)

Ave Messer | 5 comments I recently finished my first pass at my first novel, a story about a trangender Chinese high school student living in a town where a racist family has the greatest amount of influence. She's approached by a being calling itself an angel and tasked with ending the enmity between her family and the aforementioned one, and in the process of doing so, finds access to a fantasy world through doorways, and also starts to come into her own as herself.

What I'm looking to read in a swap/partnership: I'm a fan of speculative fiction, primarily superheroes and fantasy, but also love sci-fi. Other genres are fine, but that's what I prefer. Also, while not a must, I am drawn to LGBT characters, being a part of that community, and as such do enjoy those stories more. I also prefer works written in past tense.

I hope to find some good partnerships and work together to have us tighten up our novels.

message 2: by Aiden (new)

Aiden Callaway | 11 comments Are you still looking for a partner?

I have a 100k word novel in its 2nd draft about a boy living in Japan who can see ghosts, yokai and other spirits.

message 3: by Thea T. (new)

Thea T. Kelley (theatkelley) If you still need beta readers, I'd like to read the first chapter, and in return I'd send you the first chapter of my book. Here's the synopsis:

In a small town amid the sagebrush hills of California, 11-year-old Annwyn’s strange Gift becomes a catalyst for uncanny forces that magnify family and community conflicts, putting her in profound danger. When her parents are unable to help, she reaches out to an unlikely source: a local Basque sheep herder with troubles of his own. To find a solution they will need to transcend space and time, finding that their lives and powers are linked in a way they would never have imagined.

message 4: by Ave (new)

Ave Messer | 5 comments Definitely. PM me, and we can hash out how to send things. Probably over e-mail, I'd assume.

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