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Katie (katielee151) | 1 comments A VERY long shot. Read the book when I was around 13 (7 years ago). It was about a girl who was abandoned as a baby in a church on a mountain. Her and a friend used to hike on the mountains and take a picnic. She was bought up well but poor, then one day her mother comes to collect her. She moves to a big house out to the country. There’s a big lake which is quite significant and she has cousins living there too. She makes friends with the boy who looks after the horses. The plot twist is that it wasn’t her mother who picked her up ( I think) and they were trying to get family money from a crest. I believe the book began with the K something and a want to say it was set in Vienna. I also think that the girl was called either Anita or Anastasia - something beginning with A though. Remember the cover being blue too. Just having a nostalgic moment and desperate to find the book. Any help would be appreciated !

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