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So here are a list of the prompts! Remember: you can double up AND every prompt you complete is 1 bonus point!!! Also note that in this case international = not from the UK/US/AUS/NZ/CAN!

1. read a book written in a language that is not your mother tongue (or: read a book written about someone living somewhere where they don’t speak the language)

2. read a classic by an international author

3. read a book set in a third-world country

4. read a book written by an author from a country you have never visited

5. read a book set in a country from which the author does not come

6. read a book written by an author from a country you want to visit

7. read a book featuring an international LGBTQIA+ character (or: read a book by an international LGBTQIA+ author)

8. read a book set in eastern europe that is not about world war 2

9. read a book with a character who comes from a different culture to you

10. read a non-fiction book about a country you are interested in

11. read a manga (or: read a graphic novel written by an international author)

12. read a book based on/containing mythology or folklore from a country that is not your own

Feel free to use the space below to discuss the prompts, keep track of the ones you have accomplished, make a TBR or anything else!

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Prompts complete: 0

TBR: to come

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