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Looking for a publishing technology expert to help a writer market her book online

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message 1: by Sossi (new)

Sossi Essajanian | 2 comments Hello fellow editors!

I have a friend who is a former teacher and published a children's book in Cyprus. She is looking for a publishing technology expert to help her market it online (i.e. setting up a web site, selling it on Amazon, etc.) and start getting her book abroad.

Any such experts out there?


message 2: by Stories (new)

Stories Matter (storiesmattereditingservice) | 10 comments Hi there! We would love to chat more about the specific services needed for this project. My partner and I each have over 11 years experience working with both traditional publishing and indie publishing. We can definitely take care of most services needed or coach the author through the necessary steps. If you would like to email us at storiesmatterediting@gmail.com we can discuss and custom tailor a package to fit your needs.

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