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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I | 60 comments Netflix and BBC One have released a new "adaptation" of Bram Stoker's Dracula. I have to say this is a weird one. I'm only part way through episode two, and I honestly don't know what to think. It's campy, gory, and just plain odd. Has anyone else seen this?

message 2: by Vavita (new)

Vavita I liked episodes 1 and 2 very much. It was entertaining. I didn't like episode 3 but I watched it till the end.

Jarek "the Mistborn" Dąbrowski (jarekthemistborn) | 25 comments Iam half way through the 1st episode and there does seem to be something odd, off about it but I cant pinpoint what exactly

message 4: by Kim (new)

Kim | 146 comments I watched all 3 episodes and I loved it! I hope Netflix keeps this show going.

message 5: by Tomi (new)

Tomi | 21 comments Turned it off midway of the first episode. Not really a fan of Gatiss and Moffat so not really surprised. Worst Dracula adaptation that immediately comes to mind.

message 6: by Erin (new)

Erin (ems84) | 7260 comments I debated trying it but due to all the negative reviews, I haven't yet.

message 7: by coolseraz (new)

coolseraz | 26 comments Halfway through the first episode. I like the malevolent presence of Dracula. Vampires have not felt this threatening since Russell Edgington from True Blood. It could all go to hell though so I am reserving judgment till I finish the show.

message 8: by Ashkoff (new)

Ashkoff | 6 comments I'm also hoping Netflix brings this back. I WANT MORE !

message 9: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Rankin (jmrankin) | 58 comments I enjoyed it once I got past the fact that it wasn't really an adaptation of the book, which it had been advertised as. I felt this was a little misleading as it was more of a rewriting of the original story. I started watching episode one really confused as I had no idea what was going on, considering I'd expected the adaptation that was advertised and then recognised nothing that was going on. However, I liked the twists of the characters and the sinister aspect, but I do feel it lacked a lot from the original story and failed to explain certain aspects (I won't mention them due to spoilers) which made it feel like a badly thought out sketch than a faithful adaptation of a legendary horror story.

message 10: by Bandit (new)

Bandit (lecturatoro) | 8224 comments Watched all three episodes and pretty disappointed. Absolutely hated the ending, it didn't go with the character at all.
The general mood was fun and campy, Agatha was hilarious. Dracula is very well cast, his initial accent is a travesty, but his British one is perfect, especially for a Dane.
For how clever the Sherlock was, though, this was a huge letdown.

Please don't read below if you haven't finished the show...

ok, so the ending...really? Dracula, the so vain he thinks all songs are about him Dracula, finds out for the first time in 500 years that he actually has no restrictions, nothing's holding him back from traipsing around and being his fun self and he decides to kill himself about it? WTF? The Dracula presented in the show until that moment would have rejoiced to find that out, would have celebrated like mad, drained London and the suburbs. Not suddenly become reflective, sad and then dead. Not buying it...at all. Thoughts?

message 11: by Vavita (new)

Vavita No spoilers please! Some have not finished

message 12: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Rankin (jmrankin) | 58 comments I didn't like the ending either. As you say, it seems to go completely against his character throughout the other episodes and his reasons for going to England in the first place, which was to feed as much as possible and have the greatest time doing it. He played the part really well though I felt until the end. He brought the sick twisted arrogant humour to the character you'd almost expect him to have!


Please do not read below if you haven't finished...

My other issue was the undead thing with the others, which I didn't feel was adequately explained or tied up by the end, just a forgotten part of the story. So people he feeds from become weaker and basically fall apart bit by bit as time goes on and then come back after death once he's killed them, continually rotting like zombies... but then his brides (the women and Lucy) remain as they were when they died (perfectly whole). What's the difference between the two and why, therefore, was there not a tonne of undead walking around London after he'd been out there feeding? Didn't add up.

message 13: by Jeff McIntosh (new)

Jeff McIntosh | 153 comments Watched it...I don't know the work of its writers/producers. No spoilers..but it certainly wasn't the book..and flipping thru various timelines confusing...gotta agree with the individual who had qualms about the ending....I mean...WHY?

Worth a watch if nothing better is on....

Jeff McIntosh

message 14: by coolseraz (new)

coolseraz | 26 comments Finished the first episode and I really liked the interaction between the sister and Dracula. It does not take itself too seriously but Dracula is still sinister which is a nice balance. Mina was unbelievably stupid during the end and that kinda took me out of it..

message 15: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelunabridged) | 436 comments I watched it, but was not a fan at all. I didn't like that they advertised it as an adaptation, but it wasn't. Also, I've heard several people complain about the characterization of Dracula, but they haven't been able to put their finger on what they didn't like. For me, it was how modern he acted, even during the 1800s episodes. And once it made the jump to modern times, I was ready to stop right there.

Idk what I was expecting since I'm not a fan of Moffat's writing anyway, but it was worse than I was afraid it'd be. 😂

message 16: by Ryan (last edited Jan 23, 2020 03:23AM) (new)

Ryan Day | 4 comments I loved it all. Going in, I wasn't sure because there's been a million adaptations and I didn't think yet another would be able to hold my interest. But it was refreshingly different, original and fun. Excellent gore and creepy stop-motion effects, plus a wicked sense of humour and wonderfully exhuberant acting. Just what I wanted, and not another dry rehashing of a story people already know so well.

message 17: by Erin (new)

Erin (ems84) | 7260 comments I got through the first episode but that was about it. Definitely a disappointing adaptation.

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