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The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, #1)
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Eric Schatz | 375 comments Mod
Amazing personal tale of survival and love through the horrors of the Holocaust. However, the writer's portrayal is flat and falls short of capturing the breadth or depth of what the characters were likely experiencing. If anything, the tone is too light and upbeat for the topic. Had to re-confirm that it was a true story.

Sandy B (sbenemer) | 120 comments We read this in our book club and I just finished it this week. The narrator seemed too optimistic for the tragedies that were occurring around him, but I thought it might (1) be a survival mechanism he actually employed that the author was trying to relay to the reader, or (2) the author’s writing style did not have the gravitas to accurately depict the horrors of concentration camp, even if a love story was unfolding at the core of the book. I didn’t care for her style, as it was too simplistic for me, but the actual true story is an amazing account of two survivors. I get why the book was popular with the mainstream.

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