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message 1: by Ross (new)

Ross Sutherland (redrossco) | 8 comments Hi, sorry if this has been asked 1000 times before, but how do you go about setting up a folder for your own reading challenges?

message 2: by oshizu, Challenges (last edited Jan 10, 2020 02:06PM) (new)

oshizu | 5089 comments Hello Ross and welcome to the group!

You will find the instructions you are seeking and other useful information in the NEW MEMBERS: Start Here thread.
If you have other questions about getting settled in this group, you can also post your questions in that thread.

Best wishes with your 2020 reading goal, Ross. May your reading journey be delightful and full of wonder!

message 3: by Ross (new)

Ross Sutherland (redrossco) | 8 comments Hi Oshizu

That link just comes up with the Message, "Something's gone wrong". Do I need to be on the web version? Or am I doing something wrong in the app?

message 4: by oshizu, Challenges (new)

oshizu | 5089 comments Hi Ross!
I'm not sure what the problem is with the link, since it works fine with me.

Let's try something else.
Click "Group Home" to view all of this group's folders.
The second folder you see should be "New here? Drop a line."
Under that folder, read through the short "NEW MEMBERS - Start here" thread.
If your wish is to list all the books you read for your Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge, you will probably want to create a Personal Challenge thread.
If you also want to track your books for other reading challenges in this group and other groups, then you might want to also create a Member's Corner.

I'm sending the contents of this post to you as a message so you'll be sure to see it. :D

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