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Tessa (trisstessa) | 571 comments Mod
Discuss the second half of the novel, featuring lessons 5-8 and the postscript.

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Tessa (trisstessa) | 571 comments Mod
I thought maybe I'd be able to connect more with the second half of this book, but I still struggled. I will say I was very interested in Elizabeth's relationship with her sister and would have loved to see that explored more. In fact, I would have loved to see her relationships with everyone explored more. That would have been a more enjoyable read for me: less lectures of an author and more of how a writer's profession and views have impacted her relationship with her family.

I've seen it mentioned in GR reviews of the book, but Elizabeth's whole "I have no belief, I'm just a secretary" spiel towards the end is odd to me. If she has no beliefs, what can we call her vegetarianism? Why does she argue for anything in her lectures? Just for the sake of arguing?

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