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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical romance. Female pirate who sinks British ships to avenge her dead husband. [s]

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Beckie Manning | 4 comments I read these books in the 80’s or 90’s. H/h fall in love and get married. H is either a pirate or buccaneer. H goes out to sea and his ship is sunk by the British. H is believed dead. H is so devastated that she becomes a female pirate and sinks all the British ships she can. She gets into a sexual relationship with a friend of the H. He is a pirate too.
The H is found alive sometime later. Shipwrecked on an island with a woman. He’s in a sexual relationship with this woman. The H/h still love one another and are happy to be back together. The H brings the other woman back to his home or island. This other woman creates havoc in their relationship.
The H doesn’t know that the h became a pirate to avenge him. I remember the h being pregnant and the H/h are in some kind of sword fight in the end.
There’s at least 2 books in the series, but there may be more. I can’t remember exactly when I read this, but I have been looking for about 5 years.

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JennyG | 552 comments I think you are looking for:

1. Fire & Ice by Catherine Hart Fire & Ice by Catherine Hart

From the storm-swept high seas to the sultry deep south, she fought his scorching desire...

Beautiful and spirited Kathleen Haley set sail from England for the family estate in Savannah. On board ship, she met the man who would forever haunt her heart, dashing and domineering Captain Reed Taylor. On the long, perilous voyage, she resisted his bold advances--until she woke from unconsciousness after a tragic storm and heard Reed's shocking confession. She then knew she must marry the rogue.

But their fiery conflict was far from over. Through society balls, raging duels and torrid nights, Kathleen was driven to seek vengeance on Reed's brutal passions and his secret alliance with pirates. At last she was forced to utilize the skills she had concealed for so long; she must attack the very man who had warmed her icy heart and burned his way into her very soul...

2. Ashes & Ecstasy by Catherine Hart Ashes & Ecstasy by Catherine Hart


Ecstatically happy in her marriage to handsome gentleman pirate Reed Taylor, Kathleen was never far from her beloved husband's side -- until their idyllic existence was shattered by the onset of the War of 1812. Her worst fears were realized when she received word that Reed's ship, the Kat-Ann, had been sunk, and all aboard had perished. Refusing to believe that Reed was dead, Kathleen mounted a desperate search with the aid of Jean Lafitte's pirate band, to no avail. The memory of the burning passion they had shared was ever present in her aching heart -- and then suddenly an ironic twist of fate answered her fervent prayers, only to confront her with evidence of a betrayal that would threaten everything she held most dear...

Happy reading!

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Juels | 2500 comments I agree. This is Ashes & Ecstasy.

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Beckie Manning | 4 comments This group is amazing. I wish I did this years ago. It would of saved me so much time. These are the books! Thank you so much!

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JennyG | 552 comments You are welcome. :) Enjoy!

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