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K. Thomas | 1 comments I read a children’s picture book that must have been published sometime in the mid to late ’70s.

The book was about the size of a magazine, it had color illustrations and was about a young cat that went to sea. The cat stood upright and wore blue pants and a white shirt, along with some kind of a headband/kerchief.

The body of the book includes mild adventures, but the memorable part comes on the last page: the cat departs for an adventure, he’s looking at the reader but behind him, you see all kinds of frightening stuff in the distance, including an island with large cyclops cats.

It’s *not* Ricard Adam’s The Ship’s Cat.
It's *not* The Rainy Day Cat.
It's *not* The Cat Who Went to Sea & Other Cat Stories*

Any help tracking down the name or images from this book would be a huge help.

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