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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Dark romance? Girl being held captive

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Kay  | 38 comments I read this within the last 6 months what I remember is a guy trying to get back with his ex he thought she had left years ago but he finds her I think after some sort of car crash where it’s revealed she’s been engaged to the sheriff or cop in town the whole time she wouldn’t go back with her ex even though she still loves him because she was staying with the cop because he was holding another woman hostage in his basement with her child. She managed to trick her captor into believing she wanted to be with him so that he would let her out of the house and make it seem like they’re a real couple. She had a baby with her ex but her captor believes it’s his and I’m not sure but I think her father was also looking for her

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Kay is still looking.

"read this book within the last 6 months I don’t remember much I think the beginning starts with the H and h meeting after a car crash after years apart the h in now engaged to a police man or chief something like that the only thing I really remember is that in the end the h had been forced to stay with the police man because he had another woman and child trapped in his basement with the h and her child the h had convinced him she wanted to be with him as his actual wife so he let her out of the basement she had a child with the H but only she knew the child wasn’t the policeman’s and her father is also trying to get her back"

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Please bump your original thread (after at least 30 days have passed) rather than starting a new thread for the same book.

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