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Recommendations: Stardew-like story?

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message 1: by Liana (new)

Liana (lanib2) | 2 comments So I was reading GaiusPrimus review of World's Strongest Farmer and the off-handed comment about Stardew-like story litrpg struck me. And now i feel like this is something I need in my life.

Are there any books like this? Can anyone recommend anything to me? Thanks for any recommendations anyone has!

message 2: by Uni (new)

Uni Potter | 1 comments Farming for Gold is pretty good and entirely farming based, but incomplete and took a weird combat turn at the end. But you'll have a solid 100 chapters of farming.

message 3: by GaiusPrimus, Kindle Wizard (new)

GaiusPrimus | 200 comments Mod
Farmer (Light Online #1) by Tom Larcombe This book does it, and it transitions to settlement building in book 2 and 3.

It's a really fun read.

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