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I posted a BOTM

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Everwing (riadragona) | 74 comments [this is a message I will be relaying to every group I am in, sorry if I've posted this already in one of your groups]
I am soon going to delete my Goodreads account, I'll (kind of) miss any experiences I have had on Goodreads.
~Ria Dragona

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Broken (tyran1010101019646271) | 127 comments Mod
Everwing no!

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Everwing (riadragona) | 74 comments this was over a month ago!

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Broken (tyran1010101019646271) | 127 comments Mod
My birthday is March 9, Monday!!! I made a chat where you can sing happy birthday or say something nice in it. Thanks!

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Kendra (ariel-mulvaney) | 14 comments Not sure if it's okay too post here but I'm doing a little giveaway on my bookstagram right now. if you want to enter feel free to check it out I am @bookstagrammersanonymous

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