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Shawn | 9 comments This would have been from 1979 or before, most likely

This was more of a "High Weirdness" (very 70s)/UFO-related compendium type thing (by which I mean it wasn't dry "I saw a light on this date moving from point a to point b at X mph) - it was not as old as, say, Frank Edwards but more like a Brad Steiger book (it may even have been by Steiger) and the cover had one of those distinctive looks that was modeled after the paperback of CHARIOTS OF THE GODS, with the block lettering. The words "UNIVERSE" or "DIMENSION" or "MYSTERY/MYSTERIES" may have been in the title. As I said, this (or at least the parts I remembered) was more along the lines of a lot of inexplicable "high weirdness" stuff that made you question the very nature of reality (at least if you were a kid) and probably had some Men In Black stuff in it. The two bits I distinctly remember were a woman who, whenever she went out of the house, would hear someone shouting her name from a distance, and someone who would hear beeping and strings of number being shouted or recited from the open air, in a mechanical voice.

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Are you looking for the same book here, or this a different book?


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