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Those who have been graced with the spark of magic have a variety of gifts.

Human magic wielders can have only once magical gift, while Angels or the Fallen Ones can have up to three. Three is rare though and will not always be accepted.

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Elemental Control: Those who have been blessed with the power of elemental control have an affinity to one base element, Fire, Water, Air, or Earth.

Fire Wielders: Have any extreme resistance to fire and can bend it to their will. They can not however create fire itself, but can stimulate a spark into a roaring inferno or similarly effect fire. Many fire wielders care flint and steel with them to create the sparks they can manipulate.

Water Wielders: They have the ability to breathe beneath the water, and like all other wielders can be their element to their will. They can draw water form anything and everything making it so they almost always have access to their element.

Air Wielders: They have the ability to fly, creating strong enough wind currents to take them wherever they please. Since air is all around us, they can accesses their power at all times.

Earth Wielders: Have the ability to bend any element from the earth to their will. A frightening power since we all walk upon the earth.

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Telekinesis: The psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction. Most angels have an affinity toward this.

Telepathy: Telepathy is the purported vicarious transmission of information from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction. Very few have master this art, and almost no humans have developed it far enough to reliably read someones mind.

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Morphing: A skill common among magic wielders. The one who has mastered this can change into any animal they have a semi detailed knowledge off.

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Transfiguration: The ability to change one type of matter into a different type. A rare gift that few posses.

Leching: The ability to drain the life from one creature into another. This magic is rare, for it is dangerous. The ones to have this gift sometimes go mad, with the need to drain life. The legends of vampires are based of off magic wielders with this gift.

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