Morgan: The Family Morgan question

Sadie Beckenridge Sadie Jan 09, 2020 01:13PM
When I chose to write books, it was decided to use a pen name. I am not sure if that was a wise choice in reality. I am an unknown author who has now had 2 books published through Archway Publishing. The process itself was not difficult, however getting noticed is. Without publishing an extra add on my books will not be on the shelves of bookstores. If I were to purchase the return policy it still would not guarantee sales. Also, there is a marketing option for a book release to be put into national papers, but that too is not a guarantee of sales. These options are a bit pricy in my opinion. I have had a few reviews and a few buys. However, I still am in the black. How long will it take to turn things around? Does anyone have any suggestions or help in getting my books out there without getting scammed out of more money?

I think using a pen name was smart, however, it is harder for the people who know you to get your books especially because you have no photo of yourself on them.

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