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The artifacts are items of great power left behind by the Angels, the very items The Magicians have sworn to guard. More artifacts my surface as the plot unfolds.

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The Dawn Sword(bubblewaffles):The dawn sword was forged by Connall, to put an end to the rebellious angels. It was never used for the weapon was only completed moments before the Angels were imprisoned. It can takes any magical creatures life with a mere touch, but it takes almost as much from the wielder and can not be used by most. It morphs into what ever is more convenient for the wielder. Maybe it is a small knife tucked within someone boot, or perhaps a sword concealed in a hollowed out walking stick. The sword has no affect on those without magic.

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The Night Star(The Lion of Lannister): The Night Star is a shield forged by the Fallen Angel Raziel from the blood and tears of the humans. It can defect any blow, and seeps strength from the aggressor with every blow that lands on it's silver metal. It is heavy with the weight of the guilt of the Angels as they watched Atlantis sick beneath the waves. It's weight can only be born by a human with a pure heart, or a Fallen Angel. Any other that should try to wield it will not be able to pick it up. Again the Night Star can morph into whatever is more useful for the wielder.

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The Brightest Light(Realmwalker): The Brightest light is a helm made of the stars themselves, it can fully cover the wearer in starlight causing invisibility for as long as they wear it. The helm morphs into any type of head gear.

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The Book of Riddles(Unclaimed): A book said to posses a secret so dark that the one who learned it hid it deep with in a book. This book was far from ordinary the secret was hidden within the constantly changing riddle that flowed between it's pages. If anyone were to look at the books pages they would see words that seemed to flow across it's pages in a never ending stream, thousands of questions, riddles, and secrets flashing before their eyes. Yet if they tried to remember what they had seen they would find that nothing. They would not be able to recall anything they had seen save for the barest recollection.

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