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Lucifer Of The Morning Star(Unclaimed): Lucifer is the leader of the fallen angels, he led them against the Angels and he is the one who decided to stand for humanity. (Customize as much as you want, but he should be a little broken on the inside.)

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Raziel Of the Fading Sun(The Lion of Lannister): Raziel is the youngest of the Fallen Angels. He was fully awakened only a hundred years before the war between the Fallen Ones and The Angels. He fell in love with a human girl, and when Lucifer called for Angels to defend the humans. Raziel was the first to step forward. He was broken by the war, the girl he loved murdered as Atlantis sank beneath the waves.

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You can claim other Fallen Angels and completely customize them. Their names should be unique and their surnames should be similar to the one above. Example: Mrycella Of The Seas Winds.

Fallen One-(Realmwalker)

Fallen One-(Unclaimed)

Fallen One-(Unclaimed)

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Of course, Updated

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