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Writing : So the goal of any roleplay is to have fun so write what you feel comfortable with. However it will also be important in this group to post entries that are detailed with a depth that shows your characters personality! Please keep in mind that this group is intended for semi advanced to advanced role-players and one liners aren't going to be appreciated!

Mature material : This plot will cover a range of themes including gore, violence, relationships, and whatever else is in between. It is extremely important that you are clear what what you are comfortable writing about with your rp partner. Keep everybody updated on what you do and don't like, and furthermore, it is expected that people respect one another! Please keep any sexually explicit material to pms.

Spam : Please don't :) you can post as much as you want if you're not obviously spamming

Godmodding : Don't do it, stick to controlling your own character

Friendly and respectful : It's really important that everybody on here treats everybody well, plus it makes things way more fun when we're all friends.

Leaving : Please let your collab partners, and a mod know it'll make things a whole lot easier to adjust plots or characters for those that are still active in the group.

The Golden Rule: Have fun! This is super important, I hope ya'll enjoy the group.

Please sign below, to show you've read and understand the rules.

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