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Robin (rretzler) | 94 comments Challenges

I'm participating in the following challenges this year (see posts below):

As with last year, I plan only to loosely follow the challenges - if I read a book and it fits, I'll count it, but I am not going to plan my reading to complete a challenge. If I need a book to read, I'll consider something that fits the challenge. There are A LOT of challenges here, but the majority of them fit very nicely with the books I plan to read, and we'll just see where I get on the others. Fun for me, and gives me a little sense of accomplishment for basically doing nothing but what I would normally do. I've offloaded the details to my LibraryThing wiki pages - you can follow the links below or just see the summary here.

Several of the challenges that I've done for the past two years are no longer being sponsored. I may decide just to do them on my own, but I've attempted to look for substitutes. So…my challenges may even change mid-year, depending on my mood!

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