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message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura (walrus_manatee) | 26 comments I’ve decided to set my goal for this year as 24 books, so 2 per month. I really enjoyed last year’s challenge and it definitely got me reading more than I would have without it. I could set my goal higher but I like to leave space for possible rereads which I don’t count towards the challenge total.

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Laura (walrus_manatee) | 26 comments 1. China Rich Girlfriend
This was on offer on Kindle and I enjoyed the first book in the series so picked this up. A fun, fast-paced read. I’ll probably also keep an eye out for the 3rd book on Kindle sale or at the library.

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Ilona | 3987 comments Best of luck with your reading challenge this year, Laura! :)

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura (walrus_manatee) | 26 comments 2. Conviction
I didn’t like this as much as I hoped I would. I thought it would be better written and more engaging. I also think I need to stop reading books about women with traumatic pasts as they keep turning out to be either upsetting or annoyingly trope-y. I think I’ll stick more to detective thrillers from now on.

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Laura (walrus_manatee) | 26 comments 3. Rebecca
I really enjoyed this. I didn’t know anything about it and it didn’t quite go where I expected but it was really good

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Blagica  | 12014 comments I am all about magic this year. I hope that your reading goal is your little touch of magic.

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Laura (walrus_manatee) | 26 comments 4. My Cousin Rachel
Well, I’m way behind on my goal for the year. Finding it hard to focus on new books so I’ve mostly been comfort reading old favourites. Got through this though and it was really good

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