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Susan | 10021 comments Mod
Although I probably won't get to this, myself, until next week, at the earliest, I will set up a thread for the latest Mick Herron novella, so there is a place to discuss this.

Listed as the second Slough House novella, it is really the third - following on from The Drop and The List and features John Bachelor. These take place in the Slough House world, but tend to run alongside, rather than on the same track.

If life in the Intelligence Service has taught John Bachelor anything, it's to keep his head down. Especially now, when he's living rent-free in a dead spook's flat.

So he's not delighted to be woken at dawn by a pair of Regent's Park's heavies, looking for a client he's not seen in years. John doesn't know what secrets Benny Manors has stolen, but they're attracting the wrong attention. And if he's to save his own skin, not to mention safeguard his living arrangements, John has to find Benny before those secrets see the light.

Benny could be anywhere, provided it serves alcohol. So John sets out on a reluctant trawl through the bars of the capital, all the while plagued by the age-old questions: Will he end up sleeping in his car? How many bottles of gin can he afford at London prices?

And just how far will Regent's Park go to prevent anyone rocking the Establishment's boat?

Please do not post spoilers in this thread - thank you.

message 2: by Tracey (last edited Jan 10, 2020 12:19PM) (new) - added it

Tracey | 254 comments I am looking forward to starting this. It confused me when I saw it listed as novella number 2, but I see that the previous two have been reissued together, so maybe that is why there is new numbering?

Susan | 10021 comments Mod
No idea, Tracey. It is the third, in my opinion. Just started it today - my weekend treat!

Sandy | 2788 comments Mod
This has finally appeared on my library's 'on order' list and I've requested it! Small steps.

Susan | 10021 comments Mod
Good to hear, Sandy :)

Jill (dogbotsmum) | 2062 comments Hurrah! Finally got my hands on this book. I was almost giving up hope.

Susan | 10021 comments Mod
Ooh, look forward to hearing your thoughts, Jill :)

Jill (dogbotsmum) | 2062 comments It was very short. Having said that, I still liked it. I think we all must have realised that Bachelor would be found out sooner or later. I was surprised it took so long.

Susan | 10021 comments Mod
Or did they know from the start, which was the suggestion?

Sandy | 2788 comments Mod
I now have the book from the library and hope to start, and finish, it today!

Susan | 10021 comments Mod
The Catch is currently 99p on kindle - limited time deal.

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