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What is the imaginary world?
Hannah Hannah Jan 08, 2020 07:27PM
Upon finishing the book, I decided that obviously the nice man is the devil, and the woman is a tortured demon or angel who lives out her existence to keep the peace on Earth.
However, that begged the question for me, what is the imaginary place, anyway?
Is it hell? And if it is hell, how is it that Christopher has, and then doesn't have, power there? I'm willing to suspend a lot of disbelief for the sake of the story, but I want to know what others think about it.

Ashley is right about Eve, her identity was revealed at the end. Adam was nowhere, possibly already chilling in Heaven, watching a football match with a beer in his father's living room.
The imaginary place was Hell - in a sense that it was a place of torture for dead souls. Except, it was not to punish those, who had sinned - or not exclusively for that. The big jaw-dropping revelation was that people were torturing themselves in the afterlife - so basically, you don't need God's forgiveness (who doesn't seem to give a f. anyway) - you just have to forgive yourself. and you are free. yay. the big conspiracy: God guilt-tripping us to punish ourselves for our perceived failings. Of course that would mean that psychopaths would never end up in hell, so the design is a bit flawed, isn't it.
I wonder if self-forgiveness worked for the rapists too.
About Christopher's power - it was supposed to be the gift of Satan. There is this idea, that the innocents are more susceptible to evil. as naive people are easier to be tricked, I can kind of live with that. Ooo, maybe the deer were selected to be the devil's servants because deer are so innocent (or at least, that's how we think about them. Bambi and doe-eyes) - and their innocence and goodness was the easiest to corrupt. not saying it's completely logical. but it's a twisted-kind-of-logical.
But still: why did the devil need a human, to get rid of Eve - why did the think his problems would be solved if he got rid of Eve - how did he build that road and how did it burn Eve. why was Christopher invisible in daytime, and if he was omnipotent, how come the most he did was a bit of flying. - so many equations, so few answers. This book had potential, but wasted most of it.

Hannah Yeah it had a lot of potential that I think could have been split up between multiple books. I think if the book had been a series, it would have land ...more
Jan 15, 2020 06:29PM

I thought the book said the woman was Eve...maybe I made that up. I think the imaginary world was more like purgatory because people were tortured but some people were able to escape.

Hannah I think you're right. I sort of remember her being Eve, but then where was Adam? It felt like there were a lot of loose strings. ...more
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