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Danielle "Nae" (dannernae) | 61 comments (view spoiler) But I just can’t truly forgive Trent for Brett’s death. I could sort of understand the scientist Farris’s death but Brett hurt my heart. Any one else have that problem?

message 2: by Veronica (new)

Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 16 comments It never really bothered me. Brett was pretty much a one-off character so I was never invested in him. I'd forgotten all about him actually.

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Pamela  Goloskie (thoughtcrimes1984) | 6 comments Yes! I mean, we don't get too invested in him as a character, but the cold bloodedness of the killing put me off Trent again.

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Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 16 comments But Trent didn't kill him. He killed himself.

Pamela  Goloskie (thoughtcrimes1984) | 6 comments I thought Trent killed him but made it look like a suicide to cover that up. They found his fingerprint on his body.

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Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 16 comments Nope. There is of course Trent's word on the matter. I always believed him because he had no reason to lie about it. Rachel had already seen that he's capable of killing someone because she saw him do it right in front of her in book one. So there's no motivation now for him to try to hide that side of himself from Rachel. As for fingerprints, he could've touched Brett anytime, alive or not, probably checking to see if he was really dead.

But even without Trent's denial, Kim confirmed on her blog years ago that Brett killed himself rather than give up the location of the focus.

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Sandi (grannie_4_7) | 40 comments I didn't know that we knew for sure that Trent didn't kill him. I had not read Kim's blog at that time.

That changes my view of his death. Ups him a little in that he would die before telling the secret of the focus.

Trent and the value of his word? Doesn't mean much if you know how to play with words. He is such an elf!

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Karen Mead | 54 comments Mod
What gets me about the situation with Brett is that they somehow found Trent's fingerprint on his TOENAIL. What was Trent doing touching Brett's toes? Was this some kind of tickle-torture or something?

Danielle "Nae" (dannernae) | 61 comments Veronica wrote: "But Trent didn't kill him. He killed himself."

I know Kim said that, but it was still a direct result of Trent kidnapping him and “interrogating” him. That’s why I just said his death, not murder.

Pamela  Goloskie (thoughtcrimes1984) | 6 comments This is what I love about read-alongs, learning details that I missed/slipped by me, and hearing others thoughts on these things. Thanks for the additional information!

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