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Suggest books for me > are there books where the heroine treats the hero badly I.e. bully him?

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message 1: by Intisaar (new)

Intisaar Hamze | 32 comments There are so many stories where the hero is a sadistic bully and treats the heroine badly and heroine is a doormat. I was wondering if there were novels where the heroine is the bully in the story and the hero is the good guy in that situation. I'm just tired reading stories where the heroine likes the bully and has to always be the one to see the good in the villain. Would be interesting to see it the other way around. If anyone can recommend novels like that, I would appreciate it.

message 3: by Sycorax (new)

Sycorax | 72 comments Far From the Madding Crowd fits that pretty well. There's a series by Megan Whalen Turner with a villain heroine/romantic interest. The first book is The Thief, but the romance/villainy doesn't happen until book 2, The Queen of Attolia. Heyer's The Grand Sophy has a heroine who has the upper hand the whole time, but she doesn't behave badly.

message 4: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Love | 1056 comments The Princess Bride by William Goldman (at least for part of the novel) The Princess Bride

message 5: by Fharinden (new)

Fharinden | 33 comments The guy is no push-over, but the girl qualifies as a lying bully in Punk 57

Another manipulative heroine, especially towards nice awkward guys is the protagonist of the autobiographical Camgirl

message 6: by MJ (new)

MJ | 1325 comments Eh, there’s one where the h is a total bitch to the H for most of the book. Drove me mad. He was a musician and she was struggling to find who she was as she ran her newly dead fathers NY cafe. I can’t find it, but I’ll keep looking.

message 7: by Crystal (last edited May 27, 2020 12:50AM) (new)

Crystal | 327 comments The Young Elites? The heroine is extremely morally grey/evil and the hero is the good guy. It drove me crazy because I couldn't stand how the heroine treated the hero. But lots of people seem to like this series (not sure if the heroine turns good in the end because I only read the first book of the trilogy).

It's YA though so there's a good chance he manages to turn her in the next few books

message 8: by Rudi (new)

Rudi | 17 comments The hero and heroine in So Wild by Eve Dangerfield used to pick on each other as kids/teens. Now they've re-met as adults and she's holding onto animosity but he isn't.

If you're more a historical reader you might like A Lily Among Thorns by Rose Lerner which has a really kind hero and a prickly heroine (I wouldn't say she bullies him but she's not sweet and he's very ok with that)

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