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Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
Let's discuss! Spoilers are allowed in this topic.

Brittani Conrad | 14 comments Well, I finished the book extremely fast. I was very intrigued don’t get me wrong... obviously... but something feels unanswered. Her relationship with Alix seems un-resolved? Like the entire story went back and forth between the two; what they were thinking, their past etc. But when we get to the end after the interview it’s just the end. I understand the author wanted an ending for you to think and decide for yourself... but I’m not into cliff hangers! Haha- I need to know what the author intended? I just wanted to know about Alix... but I will be honest I knew there was something more than she lead on the entire story with Kelley. Not a fan out the relationship between Emira and Kelley ended either... I just expected so much more from their relationship.

Becca Well, yeah... I kind of raced through the second half of that book now and even though it might be an unpopular opinion, I must admit I didn't quite like the book. It was alright but nothing more.

Don't get me wrong: it does touch on some important subjects and I didn't mind the style of the narrative, either. But there's not one person in this book that I genuinely liked... I do get their point every now and again but unfortunately that hasn't been enough for me to form a connection. Every person also had their traits I could not at all relate to...

Other than to Brittani, though, to me the open end seems plausible - sometimes there's just no going back to anything at all. Sometimes you just have to completely start over...

Jennifer Jenkinson (jenniferjenkinson) | 414 comments Mod
Overall, I found the book interesting from a writing perspective. The difference in the two narratives was well done. That said, it didn't allow for a ton of character development.

I wanted to know more about Alix, Peter never turned into anything - I would have loved to have seen his perspective on his wife's antics.

Emira and her friends were the ones I wanted more of for sure. Their dynamic, relationships, and the difference in their career advancement could have been explored more.

The thread of privilege ran throughout the story but at times it disappeared and made the book feel a bit disconnected. I wish that it had had a stronger presence.

And Kelley - I was disappointed in the lack of a story beyond the he said/she said. I liked him and Emira together.

Overall the book was good, the writing technique interesting, but this isn't one that I loved so much that you would have to tell me to stop talking about it. ;)

Look for some additional discussion questions in the next few days...

Julie Besaw | 12 comments I liked the book, but it didn't wow me. I agree that it felt like there should be more about the characters. Emira and Briar were the only two characters I really loved.

Carrie | 14 comments I actually really liked it. I agree with all of you on character development and wanting to know more about relationships, but I keep going back to the concept that what we see on social media (ie: a video) is often not what it appears on the surface. There is always more to the story and sometimes “more to the story” isn’t really much of anything. In this instance, everyone around Emira was way more invested in what happened in the grocery store than Emira herself. I would have loved for her and Kelly to have been together, but in real life, it doesn’t always happen that way. I loved the switches in perspective and how it reflects real life. We all see the world through our own lenses. The best part of the book was Emira’s relationship with Briar. It was sweet and special and real. Was this a literary masterpiece? Not quite ;).

Nina (neensreads) | 10 comments I liked the book, but didn't love it. I thought the subject matter was very thought-provoking, and I liked that the author tackled some tough topics in this one that lends itself to interesting discussion.

I think the difficult part for me was that I didn't find any of the characters to be particularly likable (except Briar), so I think that contributed to the fact that I couldn't get completely invested in the story. Maybe it was due to the fact that, as some of you mentioned, there was a need for further character development.

I'd certainly be curious to read more from the author. I thought it was a pretty good debut novel.

Mallory (onmalsshelf) Bartel  (onmalsshelf) | 3 comments I really enjoyed Such a Fun Age, I ended up giving it five starts. I think the fact that I listened to the audiobook helped me. I think this is a great start for a first published piece. Kiley Reid may be a force to reckoned with if she chooses to write more books.

I didn't find Alix to be likable at all (probably the point of the narrative). She came off as a spoiled rich girl who quickly took advantage of the fact her parents won money. She let the money get to her head and it affected how she treated people into adulthood. Her friends also seemed like spoiled New Yorkers who don't understand the mentality of people outside of NYC. Outside of NYC, people aren't in a rush for everything (success and other things).

Ruth | 35 comments I’m finally finished and boy am I glad. This one was a struggle for me. I did not like it. Alex and her friends were annoying. The only relationship that was nice to read about was Emira and Briar’s. Disappointed but glad to be done with it.

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Gigi (ilikescarystories) I didn't like it either. 🙈 In fact, I DNF'd it at chapter 6 cause I couldn't take it anymore.

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