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message 1: by Scott Anderson (new)

Scott Anderson | 14 comments After a couple years of work, I've finally finished the seventh draft of my novel, and I think it is finally coherent enough to start looking for beta readers. If you're interested, feel free to comment and/or dm me.

Thank you!


"After slaying the Dark God and his army of demons, Stek Talizen is the most powerful man in the world, and the greatest hero to ever live. Now, seventeen years later, he finds himself in the foreign land of Elveth amongst politicking elves, invading armies, and a timid, albeit determined apprentice who wants only to do what’s right. As a bitter old man,Stek wants nothing more than to leave, but there is always another reason forcing him to stay.

With heavy action, fantastical heroes, and the spotlight on an old— past his prime—man who has a dying relation with his apprentice, A World of Dying Heroes is the superhero movie Logan, but with a spark of fantasy."

message 2: by Ahmed (last edited Jan 09, 2020 05:28AM) (new)

Ahmed Khalaf | 4 comments Hello Scott,
this looks interesting. I would like to swap read some chapters of my novel with you if you are interested it is a Sci-Fi thriller action novel with a touch of fantasy.

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