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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Fantasy with Treants; Male protag - teenage boy meets and eventually fights for a group of sentient trees; 2005-2010

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message 1: by Dottie (new)

Dottie Porter | 1 comments A paperback book, the cover was a solid color all over, a light-ish green, with a simple tree silhouette on the front (I believe also with the silhouette of a boy).

This book started off with the main character, a male high schooler, in class or at school, cursing his situation. Not too edgy, just general "this is bullsh*t," type narrative. I unfortunately do not remember many specifics of the plot, except that he ends up in the forest and finds himself talking to treants, a rare ability. He eventually fights for them, I believe in a separate realm, the one where the treants' fight is taking place. If I remember correctly, he gets there through a tunnel/cave of trees. He is usually alone, I don't remember any friends or real connections outside the forest. He eventually meets a girl involved in all of this and has to save/protect her after she has fallen in battle/been cursed.

NOT a story about powers or ghosts or witches or fantastic spells or knights, not really any romance involved. Does not start off as a war/fight story. Really just a normal narrative with fantasy creatures - treants / living trees / sentient trees - involved, reminiscent of "Little (grrl) Lost" by Charled De Lint.

About 150-200 pages long, it was set in generally modern times, definitely after the year 2000 (probably after 2005). Was published in 2010 or prior, possibly up to 2012 but unlikely. That was when I read it (when I was in middle school, although I believe it was meant for high school readers based on the amount of cursing included)

message 2: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie | 241 comments This one seems to have sentient trees.
"Journey Through Llandor" by Louise Lawrence


message 3: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie | 241 comments This one also has sentient trees:

"The journey of Niels Klim to the world underground" by:Holberg, Ludvig.


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